Why I’m Voting YES

Referendum-calendar_tcm4-814401On Thursday the 18th of September, 2014 the voters of Scotland will be going to the polls. It won’t be to help elect a UK Government, it won’t be to elect a Scottish Government – it will be to decide whether Scotland remains part of the United Kingdom.

Now, I’ve no real feel for where the readers of my blog come from. I appreciate most are probably following because of my formative attempts at creative fiction. Where you are all from is a mystery. However, whether you are from Scotland, other parts of the UK or beyond the shores of the island of Great Britain it doesn’t really matter. However, whoever is out there it’s probably best to start with some facts.

In 1603 Scotland and England shared a monarch (James VI of Scotland, James I of England). At that point we were still two separate countries who simply had the same royal family.

In 1707 Scotland and England (and Wales) signed up to the Treaty of the Union. From this point our parliamentary systems were joined, as what we effectively know as the UK was formed.

The referendum the Scottish electorate – the people of Scotland, irrespective of ethnic background – are about to vote on is in relation to the second point of history i.e. we are looking to remove Scotland from the United Kingdom and let it wholly govern itself once more as an Independent sovereign state. We will therefore still have the same monarchy as the rest of the United Kingdom (rUK) and will remain part of the commonwealth.


As the title of this blog suggest I shall be voting YES to Scottish Independence. There are a few reasons, but it boils down to this:

  • Cards on the table – I have always favoured independence for Scotland i.e. I am not, and never was, undecided on this issue.
  • We are fundamentally different to the rest of the United Kingdom. As an example, the UK currently has a coalition government, mainly made up of Conservatives. At the 2010 General Election the Conservatives won 307 seats, one of which is in Scotland. This means Scotland is governed by a party who has one, solitary MP within Scotland. For me this undemocratic in that Scotland as a country has its government decided outwith our borders.
  • I want the people who run Scotland to be in Scotland. I want them close by so they can be fully accountable to the Scottish electorate
  • I think our country has untapped potential. For that to be realised it needs to run to its own agenda, not a sub-agenda of the UK.
  • Scotland was an independent country before, we should be again.


Look, I’m not political expert. Some of you reading this post may think I’m letting my heart get in the way of my head. Facts are being overridden by a naive vision of an independent Scottish utopia. Fine, if that’s the way you read me then that is of course your right to do so. However, at moments like this, defining moments in our countries history, there comes a time when heart needs to have as much say as heads. Yes, there will be uncertainties. Yes, there will be times of introspection. Yes, there will be ups and downs in all aspects of our society. Yet, isn’t that the case in every country in the world?

It’s time for Scotland to stand on its own two feet. It’s my firm belief, and that of well over one million Scottish voters that not only should we, but we can do so successfully. We will remain firm friends and business partners with the UK we leave behind. Perhaps in time they too will look at a need for change, such as regional assemblies around England. That though is a decision for them. It’s something they would need to campaign for, just as we have long campaigned for Scottish Independence.

Sadly, the Scottish main stream media has solidly backed the pro-Union stance, despite large numbers of their readership not doing so. It has led to an undeniable imbalance in the reporting of facts and figures. If you are taking part in the vote and are still ‘undecided’ then please read the following website which represents a small step in redressing the balance:


Thanks for reading, and whatever way you vote, do it for the right reasons. Don’t do it for yourself – do it for future generations; do it because it’s best for Scotland.


Friday Fictioneers – Passing of Time

ffThe dark shadows under my eyes tell their story. The uncombed, thinning strands of hair and week-long stubble matches my grey mood.

The reflection wasn’t always this way.

I force a smile as I remember the once handsome young man struggling with an unruly bow-tie as the Prom limo pulled up with Becky inside; fight back tears as I briefly see the proud father with a sleeping infant in his arms.

Out in the hallway hushed voices are gathering. Becky gently pushes open the bathroom door and takes my hand.

‘Come on honey, they’re about to start reading her will.’


These words form my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.

Friday Fictioneers – The Firewalker

ff030914I’d never seen a real Maharajah before, but he looked about right: the orange turban, straggly beard of grey and white – the small, mysterious scar underneath his left eye. The audience at the county fair held it’s breath as the stranger from another world walked slowly up and down the white-hot coals.

It was a week later that the men came to fix the shingle on our barn. Through the fly-screen I watched as their boss chatted to my father. His straggly beard and scar looked familiar. The rusty van parked out front said ‘Patel’s Roof Repairs’, but heck, he sure was a spit of the Miraculous Maharajah of Murkajee.

These words form my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.

Friday Fictioneers – Something In The Air

ff270914It had been a scalding hot summer. Blinding dust storms, the likes of which hadn’t been seen in generations, swept the plains. It was the mailman who found the Farnworth boys at their farm off of Highway 23A. Laid flat out in the yard they were, skulls burst like melons – a sweet smelling, yellow and red sap trickling slowly into the bone-hard dirt.

As we arrived, the Farnworth’s old mouser, Thumper, jumped down onto the porch and miaowed. On the gable end of the barn, gathering birds sang as cloudy skies cleared to the brightest, purest blue.

They say it’s going to be another hot one this year. More dust is on its way.

These words form my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge. Weird picture, weird story. Went for atmosphere and a sense of menace this week. Hope you enjoyed it!