A sea of candles dance in the warm, evening breeze. Outside the Ranger’s cabin a small girl carefully places her soft toy at the foot of the growing shrine. Here on the edges of the Hwange National Park people have gathered to mourn. A few short miles away, under star-filled skies, six hungry cubs patiently […]


The old, the young, the sick and the wounded, they can’t keep running – none of us can. But here, deep within the forest, we’re safe for now. The biting, frozen grip of winter providing us, and others like us, with a temporary, but desperately needed, release from the chase. Yet slowly, the lightening morning […]


Confession Time. We didn’t really think much about Dallas before we headed over to the USA. Nigh on all of our thoughts were around Las Vegas and our five days on the road. By the time we checked into the Hyatt Regency we had already been in the States for 12 nights, got married, and travelled […]


Friday 19th June (Part 2) Having said goodbye to The Vdara, our taxi dropped us off at McCarron International Airport’s dedicated “Car Rental Plaza” i.e. a big building with every possible car-hire company you could think of inside. Our vehicle was being hired through National, so it was to their desk that we headed. After […]


Friday 12th June All booked and planned several months ago, the time had finally come to head to the airport. To anyone who had asked the story we’d given was that we were spending time in Dallas along with several days driving stretches of Route 66. That was indeed true, it just wasn’t the whole […]


Another clear, cold dawn rose over Snake Falls. From behind twitching curtains frightened faces peered out for as long as they dared. On the dusty street a lone tumbleweed tumbled on by. ‘You there, Sheriff Hawkins?’ came a young, angelic voice. I blinked into the rising sun. A graceful shadow edged slowly past Molly Finnegan’s […]


My ears and nose were bleeding; the scorching heat had burnt the skin from my hands. High above our city, a cloud rose gracefully into a perfect, blue morning sky – it was so beautiful, a shimmering haze of reds, yellows and greens. The suffocating, hot air was filled with sounds of terror and despair. I […]


I was but a child the last time I last gazed into the sun’s hot, yellow flame. My young eyes stung. I screamed. After that moment there followed darkness, and my mother’s tears. Since then the world has been the pictures I build within my own mind. The senses of touch, smell and sound growing […]


From atop the cliffs overlooking Trezawna beach, she watched. It was another near moonless night – nought but a single, distant, silver star cast its reflection upon the dark waters of St. Gorren Bay. Once still seas were slowly moved to anger by a strengthening, bitter, autumn breeze. Within the folds of her woollen cloak […]


Silence filled the square. Even the normally blusterous rooftop pigeons appeared hushed into reverence. The Great Leader was known to be in failing health, yet to those bowing and curtseying he was still a great, immortal God – the one true father of his nation. At the podium, a supported, trembling arm reached out to pull […]


Station Master McPherson watched from his office doorway as I stepped from the train. ‘Evening, Harry’ he said, as I approached – the casualness of his greeting masking that it was nearly six years since we’d last met. Outside the station I paused to breathe; to think. Overhead, dark clouds rumbled and lightning flashed as […]


From his office window, Mathias could clearly make out the red-tiled roof of his mother’s apartment block. She lived barely two miles from her only son and his family, yet they hadn’t been together for over ten years – not since the border was closed. In the tower, guards smoked their cigarettes and laughed. Between […]


With the votes counted, the ballot boxes packed away and the tears of both winners and losers all but dried it’s time to put a wrap on the General Election of 2015.  A campaign which for so long seemed to be leading towards a hung parliament, and ensuing minority government, instead ended in a clear […]


Another mid-winter sun had all but slipped behind the smouldering stacks of the Mulligan Brewery. Out in the street, neighbourhood children played in the fresh snow. In descending gloom, the flickering monitor showed a single sentence – as it had done since before breakfast. My once boundless inspiration was now reduced to fleeting, elusive drips. The […]


The royal flags fluttered above the palace. A warm, bright sun shone down from a cobalt blue sky. It was set to be another beautiful day in the capital.  Yet the cafés around the square lay empty. Wide avenues normally alive with taxis, tourists and rickshaws were all but deserted. The only real signs of […]


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