Cracked strip lights pulse in time with the spluttering generator. Most of the lockers remain shut tight, their contents hidden since that weekend in 1986. Here and there a few lie open on rusted hinges – within, faded photos of wives and children, a copy of Pravda, a scarf, gloves, pairs of fur-lined boots, a brown […]


For nearly 50 years he’d worked at the factory – everyone of Ted’s age went straight from school to the factory. Three wives had come and gone in that time, two divorced, one dead – only the last one did he remember with any particular fondness. Six healthy children had been raised in the same […]


The mid-morning sun was hot and high, the mercury pushing 113 for the sixth day in eight. At the concession stand, Mrs Gunther carefully unpacked the last of her stock, most of which had seen better days. Poolside, Mr Gunther paused to wipe creamed cheese from his chin, and bagel crumbs from his crumpled “Desert […]


Tommy Wilson and Colin McFarlane had been friends for as long as anyone could remember, and probably many a year before that too. From their prams, through to leaving Balmorran High at 15 to become apprentices at  Tait’s Distillery, they were rarely apart. They even found love together, Tommy married Helen McPhee, and Colin became the […]


Alice was the pretty face behind the window at the Chicken Shack on Williams and 23rd. She went to work as usual that day, she just never came home. “Small green feller, eyes like a Lizard – plumb dragged her into his spaceship,” said Hairy Bob. Hairy’s liking for cheap liquor made him a great one for stories. […]


It’s been nearly fifty years, but I can still smell the apple blossom in the trees; I can still hear the birdsong, feel the warm waters of the creek running between our toes. My pained heart still races when I recall the moment she first took my trembling hand and placed it against her firm, warm breast. […]


Billy’s father had been the star of the convention circuit. You wanted a trick, then Frank Wizzleton had it in stock. Their stall always drew the biggest crowd; however, even Billy’s father knew why they were really there. Sure he’d sell enough to keep him and his sister in good quality second-hand clothes, but it was […]


A sea of candles dance in the warm, evening breeze. Outside the Ranger’s cabin a small girl carefully places her soft toy at the foot of the growing shrine. Here on the edges of the Hwange National Park people have gathered to mourn. A few short miles away, under star-filled skies, six hungry cubs patiently […]


The old, the young, the sick and the wounded, they can’t keep running – none of us can. But here, deep within the forest, we’re safe for now. The biting, frozen grip of winter providing us, and others like us, with a temporary, but desperately needed, release from the chase. Yet slowly, the lightening morning […]


Confession Time. We didn’t really think much about Dallas before we headed over to the USA. Nigh on all of our thoughts were around Las Vegas and our five days on the road. By the time we checked into the Hyatt Regency we had already been in the States for 12 nights, got married, and travelled […]


Friday 19th June (Part 2) Having said goodbye to The Vdara, our taxi dropped us off at McCarron International Airport’s dedicated “Car Rental Plaza” i.e. a big building with every possible car-hire company you could think of inside. Our vehicle was being hired through National, so it was to their desk that we headed. After […]


Friday 12th June All booked and planned several months ago, the time had finally come to head to the airport. To anyone who had asked the story we’d given was that we were spending time in Dallas along with several days driving stretches of Route 66. That was indeed true, it just wasn’t the whole […]


Another clear, cold dawn rose over Snake Falls. From behind twitching curtains frightened faces peered out for as long as they dared. On the dusty street a lone tumbleweed tumbled on by. ‘You there, Sheriff Hawkins?’ came a young, angelic voice. I blinked into the rising sun. A graceful shadow edged slowly past Molly Finnegan’s […]


My ears and nose were bleeding; the scorching heat had burnt the skin from my hands. High above our city, a cloud rose gracefully into a perfect, blue morning sky – it was so beautiful, a shimmering haze of reds, yellows and greens. The suffocating, hot air was filled with sounds of terror and despair. I […]


I was but a child the last time I last gazed into the sun’s hot, yellow flame. My young eyes stung. I screamed. After that moment there followed darkness, and my mother’s tears. Since then the world has been the pictures I build within my own mind. The senses of touch, smell and sound growing […]


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