Our passage pitched and rolled its way past the jagged cliffs of St. Mozen Pt. Through the small porthole I watched as the glinting lights of my village faded into the salty, early morning mists. I had been wrong, I’d said so in court. It weren’t my wheat, but my wife and boys was starving. […]


A woman’s shoe was thrown from the back of the crowd, only just missing the head of a small, red-haired girl. The man gripping the terrified child’s hand  paused to stare at their accusers. A brief, solitary act of defiance which saw louder, and even more venomous, abuse rain down upon the shackled marchers. “Dirty […]


Beneath the snow-white veil, in a place where only those who knew to look would find, Carrie’s joy remained laced with painful sadness. This was always meant to have been their moment, a moment they had been planning since back in the second grade. Their weddings were to be on the same day, at the […]


The knocking began in my dreams, but ended in the hazy, morning light of the car park. ‘Sorry mate, you’ve got to move – we’re closing for resurfacing,’ said the man in a Day-Glo orange jacket. ‘You been here all night?’ he asked. I had, but I didn’t plan to admit it. ‘Oh, no,’ I […]


“Nothing, just more junk!” A disgruntled Sam wiped muddy sweat across his forehead. “We’ll never find it, Joe, never I tells ye.” Joe inhaled deeply on his pipe. His greeny-blue eyes shifted slowly towards a small, grassy hillock at the far end of O’Malley’s field. “Ach, to be sure, it’s moved – we’ve been digging […]


The advert in the classifieds sounded too good an opportunity to miss. “Dream Homes In The Sun For Under £100,000!” We’d only ever holidayed in Eastbourne or Cornwall, but the glossy brochure they sent said Florida truly was paradise on earth. “Exclusive Lakeside location, all year sun, and the ocean just a 15 minute drive away.” […]

Originally posted on Wee Ginger Dug:
In the absence of anything positive to put forward in the way of policies, suggestions, or even pleasantries about the weather, Kezia Dugdale has decided that the way to restore the fortunes of the Labour party in Scotland is to insult all the people who used to vote Labour…


In amongst the flotsam of our lives, rooftops were starting to reappear – the once raging flood waters had begun their silent retreat. The twisted spire of San Mira now rose defiant and proud from the shimmering depths; inch by inch, yard by yard, devastation and despair was revealed. Looking down upon it all my father remained […]

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England my EnglandTombstone of Lord Asquith, MP for East Fife, apparently ‘Prime Minister of England’ This week the assault on Scotland’s democracy returned with a vengeance. It brings to mind the charge of the Light Brigade, or in intellectual weight, the Lite Brigade. The place is full of nonentities keen to do…


The bruise on her neck was still tender. But nobody asked any questions – she’d become adept at covering up for his mistakes. “Lori, table 2’s eggs are going cold!” Through the diner window she could see that the bus to Seattle was set to leave. She’d almost saved enough to be on it. “Lori, […]


Gaius unloaded the last of their possessions from the cart. The dust and sweat of a summer’s day in Campania coated his once white tunic. ‘Gaius, Gaius, come and see.’ Aurelia took her husband’s hand and guided him towards the entrance vestibule of their new home – a home which had taken many long years […]


Night security stared intently at his screen. The Packers had a 3rd and goal with time expiring. Their entire season was all on this play, as was his next month’s rent cheque. On a bank of monitors across the office, only the watching eye of the CCTV camera noticed as a green Ford Mustang reversed […]


As kids we often climbed to the top of Kinney Hill. From there we could see the whole world. Africa, Australia, America, even China, on a really clear day, shimmered mystically on the summer horizon. We had plans to visit them all – to see the world. Sadly, those times of innocence and wonder have […]


Every fall they’d come. Down by the bend in the river, across from Franklin’s farm. Young or old, we all looked forward to their arrival. But then there was that trouble with Miss Wilkins and her pink pearls. Jimmy Dwyer, youngest son of the head carnie was blamed. He protested his innocence, but ran none […]


Marion looked down from the attic window. This was usually her favourite time of the year: that time when the leaves on the trees surrounding their white, timber house turned slowly from green to subtle peach-red. The dry, summer heat had always bothered Marion since moving south – she’d never really taken to it. The turn […]


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