Silence filled the square. Even the normally blusterous rooftop pigeons appeared hushed into reverence. The Great Leader was known to be in failing health, yet to those bowing and curtseying he was still a great, immortal God – the one true father of his nation. At the podium, a supported, trembling arm reached out to pull […]


Station Master McPherson watched from his office doorway as I stepped from the train. ‘Evening, Harry’ he said, as I approached – the casualness of his greeting masking that it was nearly six years since we’d last met. Outside the station I paused to breathe; to think. Overhead, dark clouds rumbled and lightning flashed as […]


From his office window, Mathias could clearly make out the red-tiled roof of his mother’s apartment block. She lived barely two miles from her only son and his family, yet they hadn’t been together for over ten years – not since the border was closed. In the tower, guards smoked their cigarettes and laughed. Between […]


With the votes counted, the ballot boxes packed away and the tears of both winners and losers all but dried it’s time to put a wrap on the General Election of 2015.  A campaign which for so long seemed to be leading towards a hung parliament, and ensuing minority government, instead ended in a clear […]


Another mid-winter sun had all but slipped behind the smouldering stacks of the Mulligan Brewery. Out in the street, neighbourhood children played in the fresh snow. In descending gloom, the flickering monitor showed a single sentence – as it had done since before breakfast. My once boundless inspiration was now reduced to fleeting, elusive drips. The […]


The royal flags fluttered above the palace. A warm, bright sun shone down from a cobalt blue sky. It was set to be another beautiful day in the capital.  Yet the cafés around the square lay empty. Wide avenues normally alive with taxis, tourists and rickshaws were all but deserted. The only real signs of […]


They say that once the mountain streams ran free towards clear oceans filled with life. Verdant forests sang a song of hope while a happy peoples worked the plains under a warming sun. This was a world of expectation; a world to replace one exhausted and dead – a second chance. Now the descendants of […]


Today saw the launch of the Scottish National Party’s manifesto for the 2015 General Election. Now, as best I can remember this sort of event normally takes place in front of the media pack and that’s about it. The politicians sit at the top table, show their slides, sip water and get their spin across. A […]


They’ve said it so often I’m sure some of them actually believe it. However, most, I presume, know it to be intentionally misleading. What I’m talking about is this: Now, as far as I am concerned what Labour want us to read into this soundbite is: ‘Vote SNP and there will be less Labour MPs, […]


Oily, black tears ran down his cheeks. ‘She’s still inside. Hurry. Please hurry,’ Bob screamed. Bob and Joan Eastman had lived in that same cream house for over 50 years. Six children had been raised in its rooms – three of them were now Lawyers, one a Doctor. Now it was just Bob and Joan, […]


Had something on my mind and I was struggling to get it over in a tweet. So a small blog entry is needed to give myself more room – but not too much more i.e. I’ll be brief. Ok, my feeling is growing that the ‘Establishment‘, and by that I mean: Conservatives Labour Lib-Dems UK […]


As the credits rolled on BBC Scotland’s Leader’s Debate it’s probably fair to say that those of us who watched all three recent debates are in need of a timeout. Five hours of televised political jousting over just a few days has certainly left me drained. That’s not to say I’m not up for some […]


“Piss stop!” spat the Guard. Tired, chained bodies stumbled out into the baking heat. A faint peal of church bells drifted across the scrubland. In the shimmering distance the familiar whitewashed walls of a village. An old man on a donkey stopped by the track.  The donkey’s tail swished at buzzing flies. The grey-bearded man […]


Anyone with even the remotest interest in UK politics was likely tuned it. That said, viewing figures of barely over 7 million perhaps points towards a disenfranchisement of people from politics, and politicians. In days of yore a program like this would have easily pulled in twice that audience. However, I freely admit that I […]


“Emmy, don’t go. Don’t leave me on my own,” pleaded Maggie. The pale, translucent skin on the back of her hand shimmered as she raised a smouldering cigarette towards her lips. Emma-Jo paused to fasten the leather buckles on her green rucksack. “You’re a mess, mum. I can’t handle this, not now. No wonder dad walked […]


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