Last month, Walter, and his best friend, Tommy, were mugged while walking through the park. Tommy though was a fighter, and he gave back as best he could. His courage never failed him, even, if finally, the ex-Marine’s heart did – all for the sake of a few coins, and a ripped five dollar bill. […]


Lately I’ve been limiting my thoughts on the General Election to a maximum of 140 characters. However, there are moments when the confines of a Tweet simply won’t do. Now, is one such moment. For the last few weeks Electioneering, on both sides of the border (by Labour and Tory), has focused on the Scottish […]


The smell of baking bread in the castle kitchens. The scalding heat of the fire. The dirty tears of  sweat trickling down the arms of the boy tending the flame. The shouts of the cook; the back of her calloused hand as she knocks  me to the floor once more. The cruel laughs of the […]

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Clumsy, nervous fingers trembled as I checked my purse for his money.  Hidden amongst the crisp dollar bills I spotted a picture of my boys. What would they think of their mother if they could see her now? It didn’t matter, I needed to do this. For years I hadn’t felt like a real woman; […]


Eric Valois hadn’t seen or heard from the man in over a month. Truth was he’d felt uneasy about selling one of his young truffle pigs to someone he didn’t know, but the man’s enthusiasm and confidence had helped to put Eric’s mind at ease – as did the price he received. Approaching the mist-covered […]


Got to be honest and say that I totally missed the first season of ITV’s seaside detective drama, Broadchurch, when it first aired. Instead it took a seven hour flight back from a holiday in Dubai for me to finally catch up. Unfortunately, as our plane was only 15 minutes from touching down in Glasgow, […]


Hillfield was an innocent, forgotten place before the hailstorm – before the barking began. It was Manny Harding’s snarling collies who cornered me in the park. Emptiness, where once docile brown eyes looked out lovingly upon anyone who stopped to stroke their black and white fur. Miss Mulberry’s Pekinese , a spiteful, feted beast who’d […]


A couple of nights ago I read a passage within the pages of Margaret George’s superb ‘The Autobiography of Henry VIII’ which stopped me in my tracks. Not long after the death of Catherine Howard, a conversation is taking place between an aging Henry and an ambassador sent forth from the Court of King James […]


Hey, guess what? Instead of our usual Saturday evenings watching telly or farting around on the computer, we actually went out. Where did we go I hear you ask? Well, as the title of this blog piece, and the accompanying picture, heavily hint, we went to see The Australian Pink Floyd Show at Glasgow’s SSE […]


Polished cars adorned  the sloping driveways – from the outside it seemed like a good neighbourhood. Our first call of the day, was to the last house in the street. His lips were blue; his torn jeans soiled. A cloudy, blood-filled syringe still dangled from an arm riddled with the signatures of self-harm. As we […]


Mrs Sherwood joined the travelling handyman, and his young dog, out on the back porch, tear stains still fresh on her cheek. ‘You look sad, Mrs,’ said Bob, taking a short swig of his whisky before offering the bottle to Mrs Sherwood. ‘Don’t you ever get sad, Bob?’ said Mrs Sherwood, politely refusing his offer. ‘I do, […]


Lady Katherine Bryan sat by the fireside, preparing yet another of her abhorrent, steaming brews. ‘Back to your bed, young master,’ she ordered. For a stubborn moment I lingered by the window, defying her chastening stare. From the snow-covered gardens below the shouts and laughter of my younger siblings pulled at my heart. It was […]


An icy wind whistled through the broken, abandoned buildings that formed, the once prosperous, St. Logan’s Cement Works. Three floors up, we huddled desperately for warmth in the corner of a derelict staff room. Droplets of oily condensation fell from the leaking roof, hissing against the single, glowing orange bar of our fire. Ellie-May could […]

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