Match Postponed

Another Saturday without live football as Berwick’s Shielfield Park falls victim to the sudden blast of winter. Got to be honest and say I’m getting used to the feeling. After 30 years following Stirling around Caledonia I thought the leaving would be more painful. Not that I’m leaving but the strings are most certainly being loosened. For those not in the know this is my last season doing this:

From next season match reports, photos and all that jazz will be no more. Not quite true. Will post the odd match report on here when the mood takes me, which probably won’t be that often but I rule nothing out. I like writing things down so I’ll almost certainly feel the need to vent and describe at some point. Just don’t rely on me for it any more.

No game next weekend as the hapless Glasgow Rangers aka Sevco are likely getting scalped by Dundee United in the Scottish Cup. The Shire await on the following Tuesday at Forthbank. Can’t wait. Well, in truth I can.

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