Weigh In

Was on a fairly serious diet for most of 2012. I am now at, or being honest, below my goal weight. Naughty but dieting is a habit which is harder to break than you may think. I don’t want to be a fatty again. I’m fairly sure I won’t be a fatty again unless I lose control of my faculties  Can’t rule this out but I’m looking on the bright side for once.

Stepped on our wonderful wireless scales and the result was 79.8kg. No idea when I would have last weighed this much, or should I say little. For those who prefer it in old money we are in the ballpark of 12 stones 8 pounds. I used to be 18 stones 6 pounds, aimed for 14 stones and eventually targeted 13. Have a range which I want to settle in and currently I’m at the bottom end of that range.


No more weight to be lost. That’s the plan. Old habits need to be broken and new ones formed before I turn into a bag of bones.

ps. if you want to lose weight then count calories and exercise. This will help:


2 thoughts on “Weigh In

    1. paulmclem Post author

      Indeed. I suppose by “diet” I now simply mean what I eat. For me moving forward any associations between the word “diet” and weight loss should henceforth be forgotten.


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