Do I Really Look Sick ?

I’ve worked hard to lose the weight I’ve lost. Almost a full year of intense dieting and exercise which I stuck to with with a stubbornness which bordered on fanaticism. I reached my goal and beyond. If anything I could do with putting a little bit back on but for now I am happy maintaining in and around the 80kg mark. I think I look so much healthier and fitter than before. Unfortunately the odd person I meet thinks I need to sit down !

In the bad old days I would have a takeaway every Friday. In itself not that big of a deal but when combined with the rest of my weekend eating and a basic lack of portion control during the week it eventually took it’s toll. These days I allow myself one takeaway a month. I have earned the right to one meal every four or five weeks when I’m not worrying about calories, fats, sodium and all that malarkey. One meal just to enjoy being a little bit bad.

Anyway that’s the background to this blog. What got me typing was the reaction when I returned to my favourite Chinese takeaway after what has been almost a year. The initial reaction by the woman behind the counter was along the “haven’t seen you for a while” lines. Fair enough and it was nice that she recognised me. Then it started to get a bit strange. Out from the kitchen popped the main man, the owner of the establishment. The look of shock on his face was unbelievable. It’s like he’d just seen a ghost. I did my best to reassure him that tales of my death were clearly exaggerated. However, he didn’t seem convinced. At least three or four times he asked if I was all right. He seemed genuinely concerned for my well being and appeared sure that I had a major health issue. No I assured him. I’ve just lost a lot of weight. Eventually he accepted that I wasn’t sick. At least I think he did.

Problem here is one of perception. People get used to what you look like. If you’re overweight, have a bit of a belly and a slightly podgy face then that is you. If you stop looking like that then somehow you’re not you. Well, this is me. What you saw before was an obese version of me. I should never have looked like that and people should never have got used to expecting me to look like that. I accept if you haven’t seen me for a while I do look a lot different. However, this is what I should have looked like all the time. This is what I plan to look like for the rest of my days.

I hope if I see people who have lost large amounts of weight I don’t first of all think that they’re ill. Maybe I do. Maybe we all do. Why is that ? Perhaps it’s human nature to think the worst. I don’t know. Bit confused if I’m being honest. I mean, do I really look sick ?


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