Thanks WordPress !

Been doing websites since the late 1990’s when it first really became possible for the common man to have a presence on the fledgling internet. Using a product called Microsoft FrontPage and a crackling dial up modem connection my Stirling Albion match reports site was born. Fifteen years later we are still here. Along the way I have added a Scottish Islands site to my portfolio. However, now changes are afoot. This is my last season doing reports for Stirling Albion. Takes too much time and frankly more dedication to the cause than I am willing to give any more.

Problem is/was I wanted to still have somewhere on the interweb where I could post personal thoughts, including the occasional homage to my former sporting obsession. How could I do this ? Answer, a blog. First thought was blogger. However, a quick review of the competition quickly led me to WordPress. Confession time. My Stirling Albion site is also in WordPress. However, it wasn’t an immediate thought that it would also host my blog. It was then I realised that exists and is in essence a “light” version of our self hosted football site. Light may sound bad but to me it was exactly what I wanted.

A week into my blog and I now like to think what I have set up looks fairly pleasing to the eye. In total I have spent the princely sum of $30 to get the Custom Design kit. Considering what WordPress are giving me for free it seemed churlish to think of this payment as anything other than a token gesture. So I definitely think a thanks to WordPress is in order. A quick and easy way to get on the web. A quick and easy way to have your say. What more could anybody want ?

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