Headwinds. Not Good for Rookie Cyclists.

Went out on my by bike this morning. Had a 20 mile route planned. Yes, I know that’s nothing for you experienced, big thighed veteran wheelers but for a relative novice it’s not a distance to be sniffed at. My last cycle of note a couple of weeks ago featured a seven mile uphill start which I hadn’t quite bargained for i.e. it nearly had me throwing up ! However, I fought through it as if nothing else I’m stubborn and will keep going until my body really says no more.

For today’s run I made sure there wasn’t going to be a repeat of my climbing struggles. A nice flat route. No real lumps but the ones it did have wouldn’t be a problem. Journey started easily enough. A bit downhill, no real breeze that I could feel. However, after about three miles I turned left and my worst fears were realised. A headwind. Worse than that. As the next five miles showed it wasn’t just a headwind it changed to a full blown crosswind at some points. Didn’t matter which direction I was going the wind was playing havoc with my pedalling. Actually had to stop a couple of times as I just wasn’t getting anywhere. Either that or I felt like I might be blown off the bike.

Eventually at around the ten mile mark I made another left turn and this time the wind dropped. From there to home there were only small stretches where I was fighting the elements. Think in time these winds will be less of an issue for two reasons. One. I will try my best to avoid them. Plan routes where I know that the wind is at my back on the tough sections and into me on the easy, perhaps downhill parts. Secondly I will get better at cycling. Combination of improved bike control and more power in my legs should see me cutting through pesky headwinds as the months and years go by.

Back home. Bike washed and cheese and ham toastie consumed. Blog written. Time for a soak in the bath and a haircut. Hopefully there are no headwinds between here and the bathroom.

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