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One thing I am discovering early on in my attempts at creative writing is the importance of feedback. Good or bad there is nothing to beat another writer taking a look at what you’ve written and giving their honest opinion. Yes, at times you may not agree with them. We are all no doubt guilty of getting upset when something we have worked hard to create is criticised more than expected. However, I think you have to be prepared for that criticism and deal with it in as constructive a manner as possible. I really don’t feel that other writers are looking to squash your enthusiasm or creativity. They are there to help you make the best of whatever talents you have. I hope that is the case anyway. I’m sure it is.

Of course every time you post a blog on WordPress you are making your work available to be critiqued, whether that was your aim or not. For Creative writing pieces my plan is to find more specific arenas where like minded souls can see what I have produced and let me have it. So far thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and her Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge I have begun this process. Feedback so far has been excellent, informative and above all encouraging. Furthermore it has  triggered a desire to find other places where work and ideas can be shared. Something I have actually had in mind for a while is an on-line creative writing course such as the ones offered by these people:

I may think I know a bit about writing and am relatively experienced at it. However, I feel it’s important not to fool myself. I’m as green as Christmas sprouts when it comes to the creative writing process. I am aware of the adage about writing for yourself and not worrying too much, too early on what others may think. Danger with this approach for me at the moment is starting off on shaky foundations. Think it’s worth taking some time to learn from others about the basics of the creative process. Yes, you could and I have indeed bought a couple of books on the subject. These have been good to  a point. Where they fail is in the lack of interactive element i.e. a lack of feedback. One of these 10 week online courses should provide both feedback as well as the chance to see what others new to the world of creative writing are up to. Think it’s something I will definitely do later this year.

One other thing which would help me is one or two people to whom I can turn if I have a general query. Not looking to ask anyone to read a 6000 word story. Maybe a helpful suggestion when I get stuck on a sentence or am looking for the best way to construct a conversation. If anyone reading or following my blog would be up for this then I would be delighted to hear from you. I can be contacted via the comments below or direct by email at

In closing this Sunday blog I want to thank again everybody who has taken time to read my posts and either liked them or left comments. You are making me believe I can do this. Just need to get the right building blocks in place.

3 thoughts on “Creative Writing – A Forum For Discussion

  1. Marianne Wheelaghan (@MWheelaghan)

    Hi Paul, thanks so much for mentioning here on your blog. I couldn’t agree with you more about it being helpful to learn basic creative writing techniques if you want to take your writing seriously. A course is a great way to do this, especially one of ours ;o) . Our courses focus on getting you writing and keeping you writing – there are eight assignments and nine sets of weekly helpful notes. This is a lot. But the more writing you do, the greater the opportunity you have to develop your skills. Also, while I am a great believer in people learning by their mistakes, hence the number of writing assignments, you can learn a heck of a lot more quickly if you have an experienced professional tutor guiding you. We have great tutors at writingclasses, who will help you develop your skills and encourage you to keep going and find your own unique writing style. I do hope you enrol on one of our courses – I am about to send you my reply to your email. Meanwhile, good luck with the blog and with your writing!
    very best wishes
    Marianne (

    “A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage.” Sidney Smith – and I would add “and a little encouragement” :0)

  2. moondustwriter

    Paul – I think you are making a great start. Writing especially creative writing is always changing tho the basis is the same. I have been writing flash fiction for four years now and it has tightened and changed the way I write. So being part of the Friday Fictioneers along with your class should be a great start – enjoy the journey!

    1. paulmclem Post author

      Thanks…err moondust! Checked out your site but I couldn’t see your name. Apologies! Yes, for me this is all about the journey. As long as I am enjoying it I will remain on it. Even if I end up back where I started, as long as I am having fun, I’ll keep going. Looking to go on the course in September. Until then I have Flash Fiction as well as playing around with some short stories. Enough to keep me busy.


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