Alastair’s Photo Fiction – A Beat in Time


A Morris had run the clock emporium in town for what seemed like forever.

The current Mr Morris knew his moment was getting close. Shuffling to the door he turned the sign around.

Closed for lunch

Knees creaking he settled into his worn leather armchair. One by one everything fell into place.

The fading patter of his heart.

The ticking of his clocks.

Even the shadow cast by the Victorian sundial fell perfectly over his wrinkled forehead.

Everything in the shop now played to the same beat. The time was now.

The wrinkles began to fade. The thick black hair returned as the once thinning grey disappeared. Liver spots were replaced by boyish freckles.

As the shadow moved away the shop was once more filled with the familiar random sound of ticks and tocks. Rising from his chair he wandered over to the shop door.


That first conversation was the same as always at this time.

 “Old Mr Morris? Oh, he’s left the business to me. I’m his son.“

These 150’ish words (Ok, it’s 170 but what’s 20 words between friends!) represent my entry into this week’s Photo Fiction challenge on Alastair’s WordPress siteThe picture is copyright of

19 thoughts on “Alastair’s Photo Fiction – A Beat in Time

    1. paulmclem Post author

      Thanks Nightlake. The way I imagined it was his heartbeat, the clocks and sundial would only rarely come into true alignment i.e. once a lifetime. Therefore he should live almost a full life before being restored to his former youth. That’s the theory anyway! Thanks for commenting.

    1. paulmclem Post author

      …as long as you are at work in the clock emporium on the correct day! Miss this “once in a lifetime” chance when everything aligns and you’ve had it. There won’t be “another” Mr Morris. Thankfully this hasn’t happened yet!

  1. Arran Nachtigall

    I like it; the attention to detail shown by having him close and re-open the shop (and in describing his gait on the way to do so) particularly impressed me.

    1. paulmclem Post author

      He may get younger instead of dying but each day will still be a new day. Each life will be a new set of experiences. He just has lots of memories. Thanks for reading!


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