The Wait is Over – Arise Sir Andy Murray!

murray1British tennis waited 76 years for a Grand Slam winner. That wait ended in September last year when Dunblane’s Andy Murray won the 2012 US Open. However, for many seasonal followers of tennis in these islands that was merely a warm up event. The only tournament that matters is the one which takes place in SW19 each summer. Wimbledon. Win that and you have arrived. Don’t win it the wait for a home winner continues. For all he has achieved in the game the World No. 2 would only truly receive the adulation and acceptance of some Brits when Wimbledon was cracked. That moment came a few short hours ago. The Wimbledon men’s singles champion for 2013 is Andy Murray!

wimbledoneThis afternoon under scorching London skies was Andy’s second successive Wimbledon final. His seventh overall appearance in a Grand Slam final. He has actually played in four consecutive Slam finals. He missed the French through injury but featured in the most recent Australian, US Open and Wimbledon championship matches. Of those six to date he’d won one and lost five. Each occasion he has been up against either Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic (three times each). Nothing has come easy. No patsy in the finals. Each time the underdog. Therefore when the moment came at Flushing Meadows it was for some the likely pinnacle of his career. Well, those thoughts are now being hastily revised.

Pre-match my thoughts were perhaps Novak in four but also suggested it wouldn’t surprise me if Andy won in straight sets. These two players are incredibly close and it was always going to boil down to a few points here or there. Today it was Andy’s turn to prevail. It wasn’t though without some last gasp tension which must have had the British nation on the verge of kittens. Three championship points came and went. Novak had three break back points. He couldn’t possibly lose it from here? He didn’t! Having shown incredible mental strength to fend off the break points the match and title was sealed when Djokovic netted a forehand.

He’d done it! He’d done it!

No more years of waiting. No more mentions of Fred Perry. We should cherish these years as they may well be the best ever in British tennis history.  Well done Andy. Two time Grand Slam champion. Wimbledon winner 2013. Take a bow sir. You’ve earned it!

8 thoughts on “The Wait is Over – Arise Sir Andy Murray!

  1. lionaroundwriting

    Good summary.

    I also thought Novak had a slight edge. But he seemed rattled from the beginning and Murray just didn’t really give up on anything, chased everything and made Novak hit everything for a point.

    Fantastic performance. Never seen Djokovic dominated in a game and broken so often. I think the crowd helped a lot, I don’t think Novak copes so well when he isn’t ‘liked’ and Murray was solid as a rock. Historic.

  2. Joe Owens

    I think Andy was destined to win this time around. You are right about the U.S. open making the difference. Murray has been top flight since then. When I watched him in the quarter and semi finals I could see a burning passion that wasn’t going to be denied. Bravo Andy, Bravo!

  3. bm23tvreviews

    I don’t know what happened to Djokovic today. Although I was supporting Murray (I’m Scottish God damn it I would’ve been banished otherwise) I didn’t see it happening because Djok had been very commanding all tournament.

    Anyway when it came to the final Murray played a beast but Djok just didn’t look on form at all. For a man that plays a low risk game as Djok does to have 3 times the unforced errors Murray had is odd.

    If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that the occasion was too much for him but this guy’s won 6 Grand Slams and has also won Wimbledon before. So what was it? He said he was bit tired but I think this is a cheap excuse because Murray does more running and had also played slightly more throughout the tournament (I understand Djok played a 5 setter in the semis). The only thing it could be is that he was hampered by the crowd and it affected his game. The crowd also being the main difference between this year and last years final (how can the crowd support an arrogant guy from Switzerland over one of their own when it had been so long).

    I digress it was a great day for Scottish/British sports and it was a great day for tennis, role on the US Open.

    1. paulmclem Post author

      Murray seems to be able to get Djokovic frustrated and out of his rhythm at times. It’s also always very physical when they play and Andy is as fit as they come. Bottom line is it’s a great rivalry and the score in Slam finals is now two each…decider at Flushing Meadow to come 🙂


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