Alastair’s Photo Fiction – King of the Castle


His friends thought he was a pretentious oaf. Live in a castle? Why not he’d earned it! Harry Vernon was undoubtedly no King Arthur but the name Camelot had been too hard to resist. Maybe he was pretentious after all? He didn’t care.

Harry woke to the hushed voices of servants tip-toeing past his bedroom door. The gentle sound of splashing water from the en-suite told him the second Mrs, or as he called her, Lady Vernon had already risen. Donning his velvet dressing gown and hand sewn leather slippers Harry strolled across to the window. Throwing wide the shutters the view was as stunning as ever.

Across the street the Elizabethan mansion of plastic surgeon Doctor Rodriguez glistened in the bright morning sunlight. Next door peacocks strutted in the grounds of Deputy Commissioner Mandale’s tribute to the Palace of Versailles. Thankfully money knew no bounds of taste in the millionaire’s row of San Portenza. Harry couldn’t have been happier.

These 150’ish words represent my entry into this week’s Photo Fiction challenge on Alastair’s WordPress siteThe picture is copyright of

16 thoughts on “Alastair’s Photo Fiction – King of the Castle

      1. Alastair

        Yeah, I have been on there. Apparently the Happiness Engineers are on it. When I thought it was just me, they told me to contact Akismet, but either it is all falling on deaf ears, or the messages are all going into their spam folders

      2. Alastair

        Yes. There are some that I know will drag me out, you being one of them, but others I have to try and find a way of communicating which is quite daunting when it is someone who’s blog you have only come across via a pingback.

  1. neenslewy

    I have always checked my SPAM filter – and often read the spam before deleting it – some of it is very kind commentary HA! HA!
    Great piece – loved the idea of this area being filled with castles and mansions for the uber rich!


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