Friday Fictioneers – The Conductor


Hairy Bob slept under that tree. Nobody minded except them newcomers – they asked Hairy to leave but Hairy told ’em this was his tree as much as God’s!

One evening Hairy shuffled into the Churchyard; it was gone – just a big old hole where his tree once stood.

Now, Hairy knew that ugly tree had taken a few bolts over the years. ‘Protected the Church’ he said, but them newcomers knew better – they didn’t know stink. That night came a terrible storm. CRACK! – a direct hit on the steeple and damned if the whole place didn’t burn down.

Them newcomers shoulda listened to Hairy.


This is my entry into this weeks 100 word challenge over at Friday Fictioneers.

39 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Conductor

  1. kz

    well done 🙂 damned newcomers. just because something/someone’s not good to look at, doesn’t mean it’s/they’re useless.

  2. Douglas Macilroy

    Dear paul,

    Gods needs an apostrophe. (I know he’s omnipotent and all, but he’s out there, somewhere, minus that punctuation mark and if you don’t give him his due, he’ll send a bolt of lightning your way, too.)

    Great story. Loved your MC, Hairy Bob.



  3. pattisj

    Hairy Bob–what a vision that is! They should have listened. I don’t know what people have against trees.


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