Trifextra 88 – Double Sacrifice


We watched on,

Indifferent to her terror; apathetic to her cries.

From the loch it emerged –  

Trailing seaweed; dressed in algae.

A slimy claw ripped at her swollen belly.

We retreated,

Suddenly ashamed.


These 33 words form my entry into the Trifextra 88 challenge. The photo prompt, which you can see on the Trifextra page, asked us to write about a creature coming out of the water. I hope you like my idea.

Trifecta Winner Icon - 300dpi

This piece was my first winning effort in the Trifecta Writing Challenge. I have placed five times in all, but this was my debut appearance on the top step of the medal rostrum! As ever I am flattered that those judging saw something in my work. 

27 thoughts on “Trifextra 88 – Double Sacrifice

  1. tempestletrope

    Agh! Made me do a reflexive protective cover of my abdominal scar.
    Good portrayal of the creepy cultists.

    1. paulmclem Post author

      Thanks. Felt the picture really demanded a “creature from the black lagoon” type tale. The sacrifice of a young maiden “with child” was just the disturbed icing on my cake of weirdness. I do worry about the way my mind operates at times 🙂

    1. paulmclem Post author

      Sometimes when I get round to posting a lot of the funny ideas have been used up. That and I hadn’t done many darker 33’s lately so one was due 🙂

  2. Cobbie's World

    This reminds me of a story where the citizens of a village had to select one child to be given to a creature who lived in a lake. The creature kept the kids in bell jar on the bottom. Or, something twisted like that. Anyway, all hail your excellent, dark and twisted effort, Paul! Very well done. 🙂

  3. Kir Piccini

    I’m beginning to think you don’t ever write anything mediocre and while I’m jealous, I sit in awe too.



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