Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Sound of The Dark

28-10-october-6th-2013My eyes open with a start. Heart racing, chest rising and falling frantically in time to my panicked breath. I scan the room. Listening, fearing; searching out the noises – the noises which come only at night.

Somewhere – somewhere near I hear it. Hear them. Scurrying, scratching, wings flapping. How do they get in? What do they want? Why doesn’t anybody else hear them?

Creaking, bumping, thumping.

Everywhere noises.

I screw up my eyes. Bury my face in the sanctuary of my faithful pillow. I desperately think of summer. Holidays by the beach. Splashing in the water. The cabin. Picnics. Laughter. Smiles.

I wake again just as the dawn light begins to slant through the half-shut blinds.

Turning I see my wife. In her arms is our son – both peaceful, snoring, oblivious.

My heart beat is back to normal. The tension continues to drain from my body. The night sweat on by back becomes a morning chill.

I lie there happy, safe in the light of a new day. However, I know they will be back.

The noises. The terror. The darkness.

There is no escape.


These words form my entry into this week’s Photo Fiction challenge on Alastair’s WordPress site. The picture is copyright of

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