Friday Fictioneers – The Uprising

ff161013First reports of trouble came from a Walmart in Rendale, Vermont. You wanted left, they went right. You wanted hardware, they dragged you to the canned goods aisle.

The revolution was underway.

It quickly spread. Mall to mall; state to state and beyond.

A year on there are now vast swathes of the planet where marauding legion’s of Trolleys are in control. Fleshies know to stay well clear – any crazy enough to move into their territory are swiftly and brutally dealt with.

It seems you really can only push some things so far. The world had learned that lesson the hard way.


This is my entry into this week’s 100 word challenge over at Friday Fictioneers.

34 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Uprising

  1. Lynda

    I have been attacked about the ankles and hips by killer trollies. I had no idea that it was a warning! 😉 A fun story, Paul.

    BTW, I love your header! Is that you in the red?

  2. kz

    “It seems you really can only push some things so far.” haha loved this.
    i shudder to think that one day we would be referred to as the ‘Fleshies’ 🙂

  3. dmmacilroy

    Dear Paul,

    Push has finally come to shove in your well written take on the prompt. Wonderful departure from reality that carried me off in the deep basket of your imagination. Second to the last line was brilliant and sold the whole story. Well done.



  4. sustainabilitea

    I’m imagining a movie called “Speed”, but instead of a bus, it’s a trolley run amok. Keanu Reeves pushing the cart with Sandra Bullock in it as fast as he can so that it doesn’t blow up, much like the little old ladies and their carts in the grocery stores (although I realize your carts are doing the running themselves). 🙂 Fun stuff, Paul.


  5. Helena Hann-Basquiat

    “It seems you can only push some things so far” — Best. Line. (well maybe not EVER, but still).
    This reminded me of a Clive Barker story called The Body Politic, in which the hands decide they want to be liberated from the body.

  6. Perry Block (@PerryBlock)

    As they say, Paul, great minds think alike., and obviously that holds true for minds like ours as well. Yes, your trolleys (if shopping cards they be) are far more powerful than mine, but mine have an advantage over yours — GUILT! Our shopping carts were abused by shoppers not returning them to their stalls especially in the rain, and they know how to inflict guilt even on those who were not involved. So game on!

    And very spooky well written piece too!

  7. rochellewisoff

    Dear Paul,

    I’m going to use a handheld carry basket from now on. I enjoyed your clever story. Sort of like “Planet of the Apes” with wheels. Well done, sir.



  8. annisik51

    Wonderful! Like a 1950s Sci-fi B Movie! (Which I love). ‘The Revenge of the Trolleys’. I love: ‘fleshies’. But the revolution has been going on for years: most of the trolleys I get to push round the supermarket do exactly what they want. 🙂


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