Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Troublesome Reflections

apf271013As they sped through the streets the rain thudded into the windscreen. The wipers fought bravely to keep Steve’s line of sight clear; up ahead the traffic was building. They were all meant to be meeting at the boss’s favourite restaurant and Steve didn’t have time for this traffic. Screeching suddenly to his left the silver BMW spun towards the side of the road.

‘Yellow lines Stevey, can’t park there,’ offered his glamorous companion, as she continued to apply her lip gloss in the mirror.

‘I know, I know but they don’t work Saturday nights – everybody knows that!’ he replied.

Jumping from the car Steve clicked the button on the central locking fob. Stepping over a puddle he momentarily glanced down.

What was that?

It appeared for a second that a face was staring back from the puddle.

‘Stevey, let’s go,’ insisted an increasingly impatient female voice.

Steve shook his head. This was a big evening and the nerves were getting to him: he was seeing the boss’s face everywhere!

As they disappeared from view the puddle rippled; from within its shallow depths rose a man. A man in black, wearing a hat with a yellow stripe. A few quick taps and a piece of paper appeared from his flashing device. Having applied his offering to Steve’s window the man in black grinned before sinking back into the puddle.


These words form my entry into this week’s Photo Fiction challenge on Alastair’s WordPress site. The picture is copyright of

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