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Trifextra 88 – Double Sacrifice


We watched on,

Indifferent to her terror; apathetic to her cries.

From the loch it emerged –  

Trailing seaweed; dressed in algae.

A slimy claw ripped at her swollen belly.

We retreated,

Suddenly ashamed.


These 33 words form my entry into the Trifextra 88 challenge. The photo prompt, which you can see on the Trifextra page, asked us to write about a creature coming out of the water. I hope you like my idea.

Trifecta Winner Icon - 300dpi

This piece was my first winning effort in the Trifecta Writing Challenge. I have placed five times in all, but this was my debut appearance on the top step of the medal rostrum! As ever I am flattered that those judging saw something in my work. 

Friday Fictioneers – Farewell Voyage


We’d steamed west through a night of driving rain and rolling seas. By dawn an eerie calm had descended; the chilling sea mist was thick and clawing. As we inched closer the skies began to clear. The noise became louder.

The soaring cliffs sheltering the bay were alive with colour. Fulmars, gannets, puffins. All screeching. Warning. Each had their space; intruders weren’t allowed. Fights to the death a rite of passage amongst the vast cacophony of nests.

On the shore they stood. Their belongings gathered – waiting, as the village chimneys puffed their final sooty breaths. They’d asked us to come. To take them away from their island home; from all they knew.


This week’s Friday Fictioneer’s story is dedicated to the memory of Norman John (Tormod Iain) Gilles who passed away, aged 88, on 01/10/13.


Norman John was one of the last surviving evacuees from the remote Scottish archipeligo of St. Kilda. Along with 35 other islanders, Norman Iain left Hirta in the Autumn of 1930 for a life on the British mainland.