Trifextra 93 – The Quick Learner

universe“31, 32….hmm, 33 late AGAIN?”


“Yeeess 25?”

“Sir, 33’s gone.”

GONE! Explain yourself 25!”

“Sir, he’d been, umm, creating his own, err, universe for a while, Sir.”

“Sit DOWN 25!”

“Yes, sir.”


These 33 words form my entry into the Trifextra 93 challenge. We were asked to write a story containing 33 Gods. I hope you enjoy where I went with it.

18 thoughts on “Trifextra 93 – The Quick Learner

  1. seablackwithink

    Oh PC….this one!
    Funny, last night Liquid Poet and I were concocting a little tale involving M-Theory and writing…with every yarn we spin out pops another universe!
    Nicely done…I truly chuckled and smiled BIG…great job brother.


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