Sunday Photo Fiction – One of the Crowd

34-11-november-17th-2013It had been another exhausting day of formality. As the King removed his crown the worry lines of 40 years were beginning to show. He had been on the throne since barely a child; the jewels and responsibilities of state thrust on him before he’d even kissed a girl. Such were the obligations of being of royal blood.

‘Duty comes before all’

It was what his much loved and sorely missed father used to say. In time his own son will be as aware of this truth. It won’t be long now: the years are straining, stressing, stretching. His son will need to be made ready. But not just yet.

‘Everything is prepared for you sire,’ came the voice, from a servant in the shadows.

One last look at his regal features in the mirror saw a small smile begin to form. This was his favourite moment of the day. The one chance he had to relax, be himself, be free. For a brief time at least simply be a man, and not a King. There truly were priceless, precious moments.

As the King stat down the heartwarming music had already started. The anonymity and escapism of World of Warcaft awaited; Sceptre25 was primed and ready for his latest quest!


These words form my entry into this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction challenge. 

13 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – One of the Crowd

  1. Anja

    I like the ending…I think most (just my opinion) read this at first and had the old, traditional images in our minds. I could see this as Prince Harry if he were to be King. lol

      1. Al

        Yes, even royalty need to get away. I wonder if the queen plays World of Warcraft. More than likely she is on Call of Duty hehe

        I like his username as well 🙂

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