Friday Fictioneers – Embarkation

ff271113I’d been working the Bluevale ferry since High School. That early June morning in ’84 seemed like a hundred others: peach red skies mingling with gentle mists rising from the warming waters of Lake Carina.

As we waited patiently dockside, the Genevieve reversed into her berth. Twenty-Eight on board, according to the dispatcher over at Greenhill Point.

Behind the lowering ramp, the expected human wave failed to surge forward. Confused faces ran aboard to search the seemingly deserted vessel. Entering the wheelhouse I paused as the radio crackled and fizzed with interference; froze as woven into the static, echoed faint, pitiful cries of ‘Mayday‘.


These words form my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.

23 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Embarkation

      1. atrm61

        Yes,it is fun to do these-I just submitted mine-looking forward to reading your piece soon-am however still at a loss for the Trifecta challenge this week-no ideas at all-sigh!

      2. paulmclem Post author

        Trifecta have some really awkward prompts. If I’m struggling I try to imagine someone saying the word, or if it’s a verb someone doing the word. I work better from images.

      3. atrm61

        Thanks for the handy tips Paul-will put my brain to work late tonight -maybe an idea will crop up-thankfully there is still some time:-)And you work well always-love what you write

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