Sunday Photo Fiction – Witnessing A Miracle


After twenty brutal years of war, peace had now settled in the Eastern Colonies. Normality returning to everyday existence after a generation who knew nothing but pointless death and misery. The city of Medax was continuing that rebirth of hope with an event which had envious eyes watching on from throughout the astral systems.

The gathered crowd stood stiffly in respectful silence as the barrier slowly raised. Gasps of orchestrated, yet still sincere, wonder filtered through the watching dignitaries.  Within the depths of darkness shadows gradually morphed into life. The mother just minutes after delivering her new born; the stains of childbirth clear to all – the exhaustion and terror painted across her face. From deep in the blood soaked straw a tiny hand emerged. There were no tears, no tantrums. The youngster just wanted to find the one who had brought it into this world. To suckle. To feed. To begin living.

Minutes turned to hours as the crowd remained watching: trapped in the moment. The only humans left in captivity had produced a child. It marked the day upon which the Android inhabited planets of the Colonies truly began to move on from their war filled nightmares.


These words form my entry into this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction challenge. 

19 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Witnessing A Miracle

  1. kerrieanns

    I love how you took this image and absolutely ran with it. Such a creative story, leaving so much to the imagination so that the story lingers with you long after reading it. Wonderful!

    1. paulmclem Post author

      Cheers, glad you liked it.

      ps. Thanks for becoming my 200th follower. Flattered you think my stories might be worth reading in the future. I hope they will be!


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