Trifextra 101 – Opportunities Lost


I pass here every day,
Checking my reflection;
Looking, but not looking –
Willing those eyes to notice mine.

Today the table lies empty.
My reflection walks by,
Heartbroken and alone,
Praying you’ll return.


These 33 words form my entry into the Trifextra 101 challenge. The story was in response to the above photo prompt (picture courtesy of Thomas Leuthard/ I hope you enjoy what I came up with.

15 thoughts on “Trifextra 101 – Opportunities Lost

  1. kathy29156

    Lovely little story! If only he had summoned the courage to go inside and meet her before she disappeared. Imagine the possibilities! ♥

  2. Rebecca

    Interest take on the tale of the passerby and not the reader. I liked this very much, from the point of view of originality, and from the lovely narrative of your words…


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