Yeah Write #156 Gargleblaster – The Morning After

toothfairy2‘Daddy, she’s been!’ yelped an excited voice.

Through the hangover fogs he just about recognised the approaching tooth-gapped grin. In between her stubby little fingers a coin, gleaming with golden crystals.

‘I said she would, honey’.

Maybe he hadn’t forgotten after all.

These 42 words form my entry into this weeks Gargleblaster challenge over at Yeah Write. The words were prompted by the question ‘Who Dunnit?I hope you enjoy where I went with it.

30 thoughts on “Yeah Write #156 Gargleblaster – The Morning After

  1. Sarah Ann

    Oh I hope he remembers. But for his daughter, as long as someone did it, that’s all that matters.

  2. Christine

    Oh, what a great way to tackle this prompt. I liked how he “just about” recognized her – it says even more about his state of mind than the reference to the hangover. Thanks for gargleblasting with us!


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