Yeah Write #163 Gargleblaster – Soulmates


Entwined in every flake of winter snow,

and all the songs of spring:

Your voice.

Between the scented breaths of summer breeze,

and the crunch of withered, autumn leaves:

Our memories.

I can never be alone;

No matter how alone I feel.

These 42 words form my entry into this week’s Gargleblaster challenge over at Yeah Write. 


49 thoughts on “Yeah Write #163 Gargleblaster – Soulmates

  1. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    I love these focus points–Your voice. Our memories.–emphasized by the physical form of the poem.

  2. M. L. Sexton

    Memories of a loved one is what keeps them near. They will always be there, even if it isn’t physical.

  3. C.C.

    I read this the first time for the beauty of it. Then, I read it again in answer to the prompt question, and the breadth and depth of ‘where it hurts’ entwined everywhere in each season is so profoundly tangible.

    1. paulmclem Post author

      I liked the idea of ‘hurt’ not being in a specific place, instead it was everywhere, all throughout the seasons. Glad you found it interesting. Cheers!

  4. QueenOfTheDessert

    Voices are something that really get to me. My mother threw away the only tape recording I ever had of someone I loved and lost. I could never forgive her that. Beautiful work.

  5. Psych Babbler

    Love the words especially the last two lines: “I can never be alone/No matter how alone I feel.” It speaks volumes…and I love the picture that goes so perfectly with the words!

  6. KymmInBarcelona

    Love how the voice resonates through the seasons, which will always bring memories around. Also love how the end can be a comfort or a threat. Nicely done.

  7. jenbrunett

    “Between the scented breaths of summer breeze,

    and the crunch of withered, autumn leaves”

    I feel like a lot happened between that time period. I read this one a few times, I really enjoyed it. And the feeling it provokes.

  8. Kay

    You have a great rhythm here, and the rhymes really amplify it! Your had me at your first line, ‘Entwined in every flake of winter snow.’ I immediately see an intricately connected snowflake and get caught up in wherever you’re taking me.

  9. Christine

    Paul, this is lovely! And you claim to struggle with poetry. I love how you pull in so many senses, in addition to the imagery of the seasons. Very well done, and a fantastic gargleblaster!

    1. paulmclem Post author

      Cheers, Christine. Don’t think I’m brave enough to call this poetry. I see it as more of a slightly ethereal’ish story with a splodge of a rhyme in the middle. Really pleased that people have seen something in it, whatever I call it 🙂

  10. Sue

    sorry I didn’t comment before – doesn’t matter the excuse I give it isn’t good enough However, just read your gavitar thingy on a comment on my blog – that is seriously the funniest one ever saw – I’d better start paying attention


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