Friday Fictioneers – The Firewalker

ff030914I’d never seen a real Maharajah before, but he looked about right: the orange turban, straggly beard of grey and white – the small, mysterious scar underneath his left eye. The audience at the county fair held it’s breath as the stranger from another world walked slowly up and down the white-hot coals.

It was a week later that the men came to fix the shingle on our barn. Through the fly-screen I watched as their boss chatted to my father. His straggly beard and scar looked familiar. The rusty van parked out front said ‘Patel’s Roof Repairs’, but heck, he sure was a spit of the Miraculous Maharajah of Murkajee.

These words form my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.

18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Firewalker

  1. wmqcolby

    Good story!
    I have seen this happen once before where a guy from the middle east (not a maharajah but a rich family, nevertheless) came to America and did construction work for my family’s house! Seems he didn’t want to marry the woman his family selected, so he ducked out.

  2. Nan Falkner

    Dear Paul, The Miraculous Maharajah of Murkajee. who can walk on the coals and has a scar under his left eye. Oh my, what a delicious imagination you have. Really, great! You are so clever with your descriptions of the whole scene – You are so talented. Nan

  3. siobhanmcnamara

    It’s like that moment when you realise the circus trapeze artist is also the person in the circus ticket booth and the clowns are out back having a smoke and chatting to each other in perfectly normal voices without the need for mime …
    Well told 🙂


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