yeah write #194 – Time is Now


I waited patiently, veiled in frosty shadow, as Mary’s man set out for the mines.  My heart drummed, nervous hands perspired; the only sound, the faintest whisper of snowflakes falling onto the cobblestones. She glanced towards the shadows; the door left ajar.

These 42 words, answering the question, ‘What time is it?‘ form my entry into this week’s yeah write Microfiction challenge.

18 thoughts on “yeah write #194 – Time is Now

  1. cynkingfeeling

    Oh, a lot of intrigue in this.
    Haven’t seen you around lately, so I thought I’d share a helpful hint for when the grid is moderated again. Any footnotes count against the 42-word limit and mentioning the question within the post will also keep you from getting moved to the voting round when submissions are monitored.
    Good luck this week!

    1. paulmclem Post author

      Wow, thanks for the tip. I’ve always added a sentence at the end of my posts, simply to explain what it is i.e. an entry into a writing challenge, not to explain what it’s about. However, moving forward I will restrain from doing so for this challenge 🙂

    1. paulmclem Post author

      Heh, glad you picked that phrase out – had it in my mind for a while. Just liked the idea of somewhere being so quiet you could actually hear the snowflakes falling.

  2. inNateJames

    How very adulterous! I like how you managed to provide reasons for us to dislike and like the narrator: Mary’s husband’s profession makes me feel like “Aw, man. Don’t cuckold the hardworking miner dude”, but I could relate to the narrator’s young love.


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