A Second Helping of Broadchurch

bc1Got to be honest and say that I totally missed the first season of ITV’s seaside detective drama, Broadchurch, when it first aired. Instead it took a seven hour flight back from a holiday in Dubai for me to finally catch up. Unfortunately, as our plane was only 15 minutes from touching down in Glasgow, I didn’t have time to watch the 8th and last episode of that first season. It wasn’t until several months later, with Season Two set to start, that I eventually got round to witnessing the season finale of the previous season – and a great episode it was. As I type, I have just watched the season finale of the second season, and I have to say I enjoyed the second batch of eight episodes just as much as the first.

However, it appears if some TV critics are to be believed Season Two was a disappointing flop, as viewing figures dropped. Not sure why this was the case. All the key elements remained: David Tennant as DI Alec Hardy, Olivia Colman as his sidekick Ellie Miller, the haunting music of Olafur Arnalds and the stunning blue skies and green seas of the mythical Broadchurch. The bugbear of the critics I read was that the season heavily featured a case mentioned, although never in great detail, in the first season – the Sandbrook killings. This was the case whose unsatisfactory conclusion tortured Alec Hardy to the marrow. It was the very reason he ended up in Broadchurch. One particular critic has been especially apoplectic in her insistence that “nobody” (i.e. her) is interested in the Sandbrook case because it was only an obsession of Hardy’s. Well, surely something which is an obsession of a main character should be of interest to people who watch the programme? Hardy’s “obsession” related to an unsolved case in which two young girls were abducted, assumed murdered. Struggling to understand why focusing on an unsolved crime should be seen as anything other than worthwhile.

In general terms I thought Season Two went where it should have gone i.e. trial of Joe Miller and closure on Sandbrook. To have another murder in this small, quiet seaside town would have been wrong. The whole point was that this sort of thing didn’t happen in that sort of place. No. I think they should leave it as is, with one murder which forever haunts the town.

Before it was announced there would be a Season Three, I perhaps thought that it might have been the end for Broadchurch. Just felt that the very name itself limited the future scope of the programme. Maybe an immediate spin-off based around the exploits of Alec  Hardy and Ellie Miller would ensue. They could both still live in Broadchurch but the cases they investigate are spread over a much larger area. However, I’m happy that it is returning – the central two characters created deserve to continue, only hope their not stifled by over familiar surroundings.

Thanks for reading.


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