Friday Fictioneers – Summers By The Sea

ff090915The cloudless, mid-morning sky radiates a deepest, richest blue. An excited, black Labrador puppy barks as children play in the sand. Wind surfers rise and fall within the gentle swell. A young couple stroll hand in hand along the water’s edge.

Up and beyond the dunes they’ve gathered, as they always do in early June. Silence and respect as the colours and flags of many nations flutter in the mild Norman breeze. The numbers may be coming smaller with each passing year, but the memories the men share of the summer they spent on the beach will never fade.


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.


17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Summers By The Sea

  1. Sandra

    Nice story, Paul, and a dfifferent take on the prompt. I’ve had to think about a ‘Norman breeze’ as opposed to a ‘Normandy breeze’. Still thinking in fact.

    1. paulmclem Post author

      Started with Normandy and changed it to Norman. I think people from Normandy are called Normans, so perhaps a breeze in the region is Norman breeze. But I could be wrong 😆

  2. Nan Falkner

    I enjoyed your story Paul. Hopefully good memories remain but over the years – the amount of people that had participated in the original gathering. I like what Dale said above : “beautiful tribute to the fewer and fewer that remain.” This happens for every memory and unless written down in a diary (with permission to read) then it would be forgotten. I write a journal and have told my boys they can read it any time. Good job! Nan

  3. sustainabilitea

    Not many of them left, Paul. We stood there once and were deeply moved, as my f-i-l landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day. Perfect also for today. We must always remember and thanks for remembering so beautifully.


  4. Margaret

    I really like how you set such a beautiful, carefree scene and then take the story off in an entirely unexpected direction. The beauty and peace of the setting highlights the horror of the veterans’ experiences and memories.


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