Friday Fictioneers – Timeshare Tales

ff160915A narrow, rutted track wound its way through the sweltering forest. It seemed like hours since we’d left the main road. With daylight slowly fading, we finally arrived at our journey’s end.

Ahead a tall iron gate cried rusty tears. Grasses, weeds and moss ran wild. My stomach tightened: this wasn’t what I’d expected.

Beyond the gate two low buildings looked long since deserted, and even longer since loved. Clouds of mosquitoes buzzed around my head. A bright yellow snake hissed before slithering into the verdant undergrowth.

‘This doesn’t look like the pictures’ I said.

The salesman smiled. ‘We’ve come this far, Sir – at least have a look inside.’


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.


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