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Friday Fictioneers – One-Way To Botany Bay

ff251115Our passage pitched and rolled its way past the jagged cliffs of St. Mozen Pt. Through the small porthole I watched as the glinting lights of my village faded into the salty, early morning mists.

I had been wrong, I’d said so in court. It weren’t my wheat, but my wife and boys was starving. Surely any man would have done the same – any man.

Transportation,” the judge had said. Not a quiver of emotion in his voice.

Should’ve ‘anged him!” some in the raucous gallery had grumbled.

Ahead now lay months at the mercy of the oceans. Never again to see the lights of home.


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.

Friday Fictioneers – There But For The Grace Of….

ff181115A woman’s shoe was thrown from the back of the crowd, only just missing the head of a small, red-haired girl. The man gripping the terrified child’s hand  paused to stare at their accusers. A brief, solitary act of defiance which saw louder, and even more venomous, abuse rain down upon the shackled marchers.

“Dirty scum!” the angry crowd shouted. “Die traitors!”

My Dotti and her friends joined in the shouting. But despite her words I knew Dotti was just as frightened as those being taken to the fields today. We were all frightened – next time it might be us.


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.

Friday Fictioneers – Little Girls’ Dreams

ff111115Beneath the snow-white veil, in a place where only those who knew to look would find, Carrie’s joy remained laced with painful sadness.

This was always meant to have been their moment, a moment they had been planning since back in the second grade. Their weddings were to be on the same day, at the same time, in the same church – this church. Carrie and her sister would walk down the aisle, and into marriage, together.

Yet, today as the bells rang out over the village, Carrie made that walk alone. Her beloved sister forever in all of our hearts.


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.

Sunday Photo Fiction – A Change of Heart

129-11-november-8th-2015The knocking began in my dreams, but ended in the hazy, morning light of the car park.

‘Sorry mate, you’ve got to move – we’re closing for resurfacing,’ said the man in a Day-Glo orange jacket. ‘You been here all night?’ he asked.

I had, but I didn’t plan to admit it.

‘Oh, no,’ I said. ‘Just a couple of hours. I’ll be on my way.’

The workman nodded and returned to his van.

The squeaking wipers cleared fallen autumn leaves from the windscreen. The heater did it’s best to clear my view. I was suddenly freezing. My back was stiff, my mouth dry.

Slowly the tree line ahead reformed, the last few drips of early morning dew wiped to one side. A man and his dog ran along the path through the trees. Then they appeared, just as they always did.

I had it all planned – every word I was going to say. This was to be the moment I got my life back. But they seemed happy, happier than they had ever been with me. Without thinking I reversed and pulled out of the car park. I didn’t even glance back into the mirrors. They had their new lives, it was time I came to terms with mine.


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Friday Fictioneers – The Endless Search

ff041115“Nothing, just more junk!” A disgruntled Sam wiped muddy sweat across his forehead. “We’ll never find it, Joe, never I tells ye.”

Joe inhaled deeply on his pipe. His greeny-blue eyes shifted slowly towards a small, grassy hillock at the far end of O’Malley’s field. “Ach, to be sure, it’s moved – we’ve been digging in the wrong place all along. Come on, young Sam, bring your spade.”

As the birds sang their morning songs, brothers Joe and Sam Lonnegan trudged through the long, dewy grass. That gold would be theirs, no matter how many rainbows they had to chase.


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.

Sunday Photo Fiction – Property Slump

128-11-november-1st-2015The advert in the classifieds sounded too good an opportunity to miss.

Dream Homes In The Sun For Under £100,000!

We’d only ever holidayed in Eastbourne or Cornwall, but the glossy brochure they sent said Florida truly was paradise on earth.

“Exclusive Lakeside location, all year sun, and the ocean just a 15 minute drive away.”

It would take all but a thousand pounds of our savings to make it happen. Within a matter of weeks construction was underway.

Like I said, we’d never been to Florida before – I certainly hadn’t heard of sinkholes. Seems that they’re holes which just swallow up houses built on cheap land. Houses bought by fools like me from conmen who prey on fools like us. We’d only been over once and everything seemed fine. Now our dream is surrounded by a ten foot high chain link fence and signs which scream “Keep Out”. We tried everything to get our money back.

Read the small print” the agent said.

I read it and my mind was made up. The last few hundred pounds of our savings would get me one final trip to Florida. I just needed to work out where to get a gun.


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