Friday Fictioneers – The View From The Other Side

ff200416Through the bedroom window I could see the forest, its canopy of leaves glistening white under early morning frosts. From somewhere beyond the trees was often heard a distant barking of dogs, the whining engine of a motorcycle, the faint echo of shouts and whistles. And then there was the smoke.

‘Didn’t you ever wonder what was happening to these people?’ asked the old man in the crumpled brown suit.

It wasn’t the first time he’d been to our village; I wasn’t the first person he’d  asked these questions. Like the others, I had no answers – only the ceaseless burden of our shared memories.


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.

Apologies for not submitting for a few weeks. We’ve moved house since my last entry and a lack of internet connection for over a month meant I wasn’t able to take part. However, I’m back and ready to get stuck into FF once more!

21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The View From The Other Side

  1. jellico84

    Yep, one has to wonder about such things. The age old excuse “We didn’t know” just doesn’t seem adequate.

  2. mickwynn2013

    Yes, they were horrendous events during a horrific time. I always wonder what I would have done. Probably tried to pretend I didn’t know what was happening.

    1. paulmclem Post author

      Almost didn’t go with this idea because it perhaps seemed a bit obvious, but it was what came to mind so there it is. Don’t think you can really have too many stories on what happened in WWII.

  3. Lynn Love

    Very sad, very true – a real experience for so many after terrible times. As Sandra says, a lot of dark responses this week 🙂

  4. Claire Fuller

    I really like the subtlety in this piece – no need to spell it out, we understand it. And wouldn’t most of us have acted like the narrator, keeping our heads down.

  5. gahlearner

    I have asked this question many times when I was young, of acquaintances, relatives, grandparents… And I’ve asked myself, what would I have done? And was cowardly relieved that I wasn’t confronted with that situation. But dark times are lurking again…


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