Friday Fictioneers – Island Stopover

ff180516For years when I closed my eyes it was still there: the cries of a hundred, teething infants; the tears of a thousand, desperate mothers; the stench of a month on the open oceans – we had been on land for a week before the sea-sickness truly subsided.

Hour after hour, day after day I waited in different lines. I was without my dear mother, my brothers and sisters for the first time in my life. They said they would come eventually, but I was to be the first. The land of the free they called it – I just wanted to go home.


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge

25 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Island Stopover

  1. Thom Carswell

    Should that be “I was to be the first”? This is a really interesting and descriptive piece. I loved the last line!

    1. paulmclem Post author

      Appreciate the comment, Rochelle. This picture was an easy one to write about. Could have led us in so many directions but Ellis Island came straight into my head.

  2. wmqcolby

    I’m sure those thoughts were expressed many times on the ocean back in the day by all kinds of people, especially the kids. Sweet story.

  3. gahlearner

    This story never ends, it seems. The story has such a realistic feel, almost like being there.


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