Friday Fictioneers – The Morning After Effect

ff161013My head was still spinning from the night before. I didn’t remember much, but it had been a good night, that much I was sure. Jimmy always did say the best nights were the ones you couldn’t remember.

On the way to the corner store two woman whispered as I approached.

That was his friend,’ I overheard one of them say. Both sets of eyes looked towards me. Dismissive. Disgusted.

My phone buzzed. There were a dozen messages from Jimmy’s kid brother.

It was then I noticed the blood stain on my jeans.; it was then I started to remember – and panic.


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.

It’s an old prompt, but a new story. No re-treads on here

13 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Morning After Effect

    1. paulmclem Post author

      I’m thinking some prank went wrong. Jimmy ended up injured and bleeding. The narrator stumbled home/passed out drunk. Jimmy is now dead or badly hurt. Dunno. Something like that…lol.

  1. mandibelle16

    Oh no, something violent and bloody went on. Did he kill his friend? Or try to save him from the killer? Some strong stuff he was drinking there.

  2. gahlearner

    Oh, ouch. Poor Jimmy and poor narrator. I hope Jimmy isn’t dead despite the women saying ‘was his friend’… It’s great how you lead us towards the panic bit by bit.


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