Friday Fictioneers – Aftermath

ff210115A lone gull hovered above the windswept harbour. Its heart-breaking cries echoed unanswered amongst the rusted, abandoned hulls below. In the distance angry crimson clouds continued to rumble, yet the seas remained eerily, unnaturally still. There was nothing left I could do here – there had to be someone else alive, and I had to find them before it was too late. I checked the map once more and readied to leave. I looked skywards just as the gull turned inland towards the smoldering city. A chill went through my body as scented warm rain began to fall.


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.

It’s an old prompt, but a new story. No re-treads on here.

(Due to time constraints, today was a ‘write the first sentence and see what follows‘ effort. I hope it doesn’t feel too disjointed or wishy-washy as a result.)

10 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Aftermath

  1. gahlearner

    This reads dystopian or post apocalyptic to me. Great atmosphere, and if you started this with the first sentence and looked where it led you, bravo! Nothing disjointed as far as I can see, only a feeling of loneliness, despair and danger.


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