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Harry Potter: It’s Never Too Late to Start

I admit I was a bit of a Tolkien snob. I was never going to read Harry Potter because that was for kids and those who couldn’t deal with the complexity and depth of JRR’s masterpiece. Without any real evidence that was the way I thought and seemed set to keep it that way. What happened? Well, I was offered a free 3 month subscription to Amazon Kindle Unlimited. What’s that? Well, it’s a sort of book version of Spotify where you can download as may books as you like for the cost of your monthly sub. As I wasn’t paying a sub it sounded like the ideal opportunity to binge read something new i.e. get maximum value for my £0.00 payment.

But what? Simple answer. Go and take a look at the best selling books on Amazon. Perhaps one or two might be worth a read. This is what the most read list looked like in November (and still does):

Without really dwelling on the rights or wrongs I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I’d read the first book and then I’d know I’d been right to ignore it all along. Within six weeks of making that decision I had:

  • read all 7 books
  • seen all 8 films (some more than once)
  • built the Great Hall in Lego
  • ordered the Hogwarts Express in Lego
  • bought a Gryffindor hat, scarf and quidditch jumper
  • joined the Harry Potter subreddit and enjoy talking the Wizarding World with other Potterheads

Long story short, it really is never too late to admit you were wrong, and I was wrong on Harry Potter. Over the coming weeks and months I plan on discussing my thoughts on the books and films, starting with The Philosopher’s Stone.

Thanks for reading.