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Virus Scans. A Necessary Evil ?

Yes I get the science. Virus’s can kill your computer. They can also be passed on and infect others as well as entire networks. Got it. So we need to make sure our pc’s and laptops remain free of the dratted techno-germs. However, does the scanning process need to be so slow ?

At work my desktop has a scheduled scan every day at 10am. For the next 90 minutes the PC runs like it has about 1K of RAM. I complained about it was told they know it is making PC’s slow but all they could offer was to reschedule it i.e. make my PC slower at another time of the day, great !

At home things are less dramatic but still annoying. We now have AVG Internet Security and after initially appearing relatively quick it too is now grinding on for ever. Similar to work the affect of the scan running is to make other areas of the desktop slower.

If anyone out in the world of virus scanning is reading my blog can I ask one question ? Will they always be this slow ? Getting to the stage that people will start turning them off and that could have disastrous consequences. Make them quicker, make them more often just do something !