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I listen to a lot of music. Don’t most people ?

Floyd By the Clyde

apf1Hey, guess what? Instead of our usual Saturday evenings watching telly or farting around on the computer, we actually went out. Where did we go I hear you ask? Well, as the title of this blog piece, and the accompanying picture, heavily hint, we went to see The Australian Pink Floyd Show at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro, by the banks of the Clyde.

To be honest I’ve never spent much time listening to tribute bands, especially when the real thing still exists. However, you can’t have the real thing any more with Pink Floyd. Barring the occasional Dave Gilmour tour, Aussie Floyd are it. However, they are a damned good “it“. Almost note perfect. Shut your eyes and it could be Waters, Gilmour, Mason and Wright on stage. Can’t really pay them any bigger compliment than that.

Must have been around 6,000 in the venue – one I hadn’t been to before, and was quite impressed. To hear the audience belting out ‘Comfortably Numb’ really did send shivers down the spine. The video shots of the original Floyd, especially Richard Wright during ‘Wish You Were Here’ were equally emotional. In summary, Pink Floyd are a great band with an armoury of classic songs which continue to bring new fans to the cause. Aussie Floyd do nothing but credit to the Pink Floyd legacy, and for that they must be commended.

If you get a chance to see them, then do so. If however, they’re not coming to a town near you then sit down, relax, dim the lights and watch the video below.

Thanks for reading.

Spotify Update

Ah well. If Spotify are going to offer a FREE trial month of their “Premium” service then why wouldn’t you take advantage. So of course I did. Means I get unlimited music on my laptop and phone for the next 30 days. No adverts and I can download and listen in offline mode. Thanks Spotify !

Note: If you take this free trial out then remember that if you don’t cancel before the 30 days runs out they will take your first monthly payment of £9.99. I have already set up multiple calendar alerts on my phone to remind me when the trial is nearly up.

You’ll Never Need To Buy Music Ever Again

Well maybe, sort of, let me explain. For a couple of years I had of course heard of Spotify. Was never entirely clear what it was. Well I can now enlighten those, who perhaps like me, weren’t and still aren’t sure precisely what it is. Essentially it’s a music library you listen to like an internet jukebox. You don’t own any of the music, you just listen to it.  Currently there are three levels of subscription available:

1. Free – For this you get unlimited access to music for 6 months with adverts. The ads are similar to listening to commercial radio i.e. they are between tracks. Depending on the album you listen to the ads seem to be more or less frequent. They aren’t actually that annoying and after a while you almost tune out to them when they occur. After 6 months of this unlimited listening I think you are then restricted to a couple of hours a week. In short the free deal is really only for 6 months after which point it is still usable but in only short bursts.

2. £4.99 a month – Essentially the same as 1 except no ads i.e. unlimited music for as long as you keep paying.

3. £9.99 a month – Same as 2 except you get what are known as Premium Features. These extras include the ability to listen offline, mobile support (Options 1 and 2 are restricted to PC and Laptops) and exclusive content. Offline mode means you actually download the tracks to a mobile device but they are only readable using the Spotify mobile app i.e. you can’t then copy them and keep them for ever, well unless you keep paying.

At the moment I am just using the free subscription. Chances are I will upgrade to the £4.99 a month at some point soon. So no, the title of this blog was a lie. You will need to buy music, it’s simply that you can listen to a lot more of it for comparatively little outlay. Even at a tenner a month it’s only £120 a year which equates to buying and owning perhaps 24 cd’s at £5 each.

Seems a good deal to me.