Hairy Bob and Mugwump

hairybobInspired by a story I wrote for Friday Fictioneers I began pondering the idea of using the story’s main character as the basis for further tales. When I used Hairy Bob again in this piece my mind was made up. However, instead of using Hairy Bob within writing challenges I thought I’d set his stories up as a separate writing stream on the blog. From time to time I may indeed use Hairy Bob adventures as entries for writing challenges, but in general they will remain as a stand alone project.

The plan is to add tales from Hairy and Mugwump at regular intervals. How regular that will be is dependent on other writing and life priorities. However, as I will only be aiming for short flash fiction styles stories, of 500-1000 words maximum, I would hope to add tales relatively frequently. The stories will appear in chronological order, starting with some background on our hero.

Hope you enjoy these stories.

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