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Friday Fictioneers – Clearing The Way

ff250117Frank cursed quietly under his breath as he placed the handset back into its cradle. ‘A blown engine out on the Little Williams road.’

‘Oh, no, Frank, not again. Isn’t there anyone else who could go?’ Missy protested.

His wife knew fine well there wasn’t: his was the only pick-up truck for 100 miles.

‘Don’t wait up, love,’ he said. ‘It’s at least a two hour job, longer if they need towed into Greenburg.’

Missy had no intention of waiting up. Mr Brown from across the street had played his part. She now had to play hers and slip into something more comfortable before he arrived.


These words form this my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.  

Friday Fictioneers – Games of Chance

ff140916It was Mike’s last day with Portmans. After 22 years loyal service he and Judie were moving upstate to run a pottery near Montauk.

‘Well, all the best,’ I said, as we clinked glasses at the bar. ‘Won’t you miss the City, the convenience? Anything?’

Mike took a sip of his whisky and smiled. ‘What like the two hour commute? The pollution, the noise?’ he said. ‘You know what, the only thing I’ll really miss is the Thursday night card game at Benny’s.’

We laughed.

I wouldn’t miss Mike, but I sure would miss my Thursday nights with Judie.


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge

yeah write #194 – Time is Now


I waited patiently, veiled in frosty shadow, as Mary’s man set out for the mines.  My heart drummed, nervous hands perspired; the only sound, the faintest whisper of snowflakes falling onto the cobblestones. She glanced towards the shadows; the door left ajar.

These 42 words, answering the question, ‘What time is it?‘ form my entry into this week’s yeah write Microfiction challenge.