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Sunday Photo Fiction – The Grassy Knoll Files

spf050616Joel was a conspiracy theorist. He wasn’t the only one in his freshman year at St. McKenzies. In fact they had their own club. ‘Theories Unlimited‘ it was called, and they met once a week in each other’s rooms at the dorm house. So far this semester they had covered all the old favourites: JFK, Area 51, the Moon Landings. Tonight Joel was hosting the group. There would be plenty of room, there was only six of them.

‘That’s clearly not true,’ cried Emily. ‘Elvis isn’t dead, he has a ranch in North Dakota – I’ve seen the pictures.’

Joel nodded in agreement. As the discussion around the continued existence of ‘The King’ raged on, Joel got up and wandered across to the fridge. Having pulled together a pastrami sandwich he tipped the milk carton up to pour himself a glass, only to find the carton almost empty.

‘Hey, has anyone been at my milk?’ he asked the group.

The room fell silent, almost. At the far end of the settee Jimmy slurped from a plastic beaker. Looking up, the white foam ring around his lips was clear for all the theorists to see. Sheepishly he shrugged his shoulders and said ‘Err, the CIA drunk it? Aliens?’


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Trifextra 87 – What Might Have Been


‘How’s the new book coming along?’ queried the agent.

‘First draft complete. Have a really good feeling about this one – the working title is The Two Musketeers

‘Sounds fabby Alexandre  – keep me posted.’


These 33 words form my ‘famous trio’ themed entry into the Trifextra 87 writing challenge. 

This piece became my fourth effort to get into the Trifecta Writing Challenge winner’s circle – my first in the weekend Trifextra – achieving a third place. As ever I am flattered that those judging (my fellow writers!) saw something in my work. 

Friday Fictioneers – Sting In The Tale

‘Chico, it’s me – Vinny from Lamberton Wildlife Park – gotta job for ya. The boss wants a bee, 20 foot. Gonna go out front!’

‘That’s a big bug Vin, but you can rely on Fuentes Plastics. Give us 2 weeks.’

As promised, the bee arrived two weeks later; it was a beauty. Vinny and Chuck carefully wheeled it round to the entrance where their boss, Mr Gammon, was waiting.

‘Where da ya want it?’ said Vinny.

Mr Gammon’s face froze; Mrs Gammon laughed. ‘Stick it up there after the m!’ she said, pointing to the sign:

‘Lam erton Wildlife Park’


This is my entry into this weeks 100 word challenge over at Friday Fictioneers.