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Phone Upgrade 2013

Until 2011 I’d only ever had “Pay As You Go” deals on my mobiles. However, the evolution of the Smartphone (does that need capitals ?) changed all that. Why should any of us ever be distanced from the one we love the most i.e. the Internet. Well it’s obvious, we shouldn’t, hence time to get with the programme.

Net result was in 2011 I hooked up with T-Mobile and HTC to get a 2 year deal coupling the German’s giants network and the Taiwanese companies Desire HD handset. Have to say it was a happy arrangement. Good phone and unlike seemingly many people out there I didn’t have a single problem with my network provider.

As of 18/01 I was eligible for an upgrade. Sounded exciting and indeed it was. What made it even more fun was that T-Mobile had a sale on. To cut a relatively short story slightly shorter I have moved onto a Sony Xperia T. Contract is better, cost is a little less and the handset was free. In summary I have got an improved phone and plan for less money.

At the moment I am enjoying the new phone. Although I look at it more as a small computer which can make phone calls. Subtle but key difference. My other half also upgraded and is now fidgeting endlessly with her new Samsung Galaxy S3. She seems well pleased.

All in all a successful process and two satisfied customers.  Thanks T-Mobile.