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Sunday Photo Fiction – Trouble in Paradise

168-08-august-14th-2016A thin trail of blood trickled down his ring finger. At first the tiny wound had barely even stung – he couldn’t even remember how, or when, it had happened. Now there was a stiffness in lower arm. Slowly that sickening stiffness cascaded up towards his shoulders and then out and around the rest of his failing body. His legs suddenly gave way as he collapsed to the ground struggling for breath. These distant, hidden rainforests had been the photographer’s life; today they might prove his death.

His whole body and mind were now shutting down. Yet, it would surely pass. This was just a temporary shock: the primitive defence of some ancient flora defending its hard won territory. But as daylight began to ebb he remained on the sodden spot where he’d fallen. Drips of warm, sticky sweat covering his now fevered brow. In the distance desperate hopes were raised by shouts. Yet unable to respond, unable to cry for help the shouts soon faded – the piercing white searchlight of torches extinguished as his lonely vigil once more returned to clawing, suffocating darkness. In the near undergrowth something slithered in his direction.


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Sunday Photo Fiction – Solitary Confinement

121-09-september-13th-2015The piercing horn of a delivery truck echoed nosily around the early morning street. Up ahead, the single set of lights on 4th and Main had just switched from red to green – but the 30 year-old VW Beetle remained stationary. Despite its age, the car looked showroom new: every inch of chrome polished with obvious love, not a spot of rust could be seen anywhere on the pristine, blue body. Inside Eli Jenkins stared blankly towards the bright, green light – his eyes bloodshot, his face white and gaunt.

‘Hey, you in there, are you gonna move it or will I need to move it for ya?’ said the gruff, bearded man, who’d jumped down from the truck.

Eli ignored him.

The lights changed back to red; the bearded trucker knocked harder on the steamed-up window.

‘Sir, I’ll handle this’ said an approaching police officer.

The young officer opened the car door and slowly removed the keys, before gently leading a confused Eli to the safety of the sidewalk.

‘It’s his wife, Sir – she passed last week and he’s taken it real hard,’ said the officer, as he returned to the scene.

The officer carefully drove Eli’s cherished car to a vacant parking bay across the street; the delivery truck revved and trundled on its way. Meanwhile Eli Jenkins waited patiently on the sidewalk, still expecting his Nellie to appear.


These words form my entry into this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction challenge.

What I’m Watching and What I’m Not Watching – Part 1

In our household the prime TV watching slot is when we are eating our tea in the evening. Yes, we are slobs who eat in the living room and not at a table. For that I don’t apologise. We use trays and even though some dinner ends up on our clothes most finds it’s destination. Anyway, I digress. Of more importance than how we eat is what we watch when we are doing it. Most programmes will either be on DVD or something we have recorded on our SKY+ HD box. The current hot and not so hots in our house are:


Lost (DVD) – Silly story about plane crash victims on a creepy island inhabited by Polar bears and other unlikely creatures. Love it. There are six seasons and we are nearing the end of season one. Good range of characters, each with plenty of back story. Think it will probably get increasingly silly in the seasons to come but nothing wrong with silly TV as long as it’s also interesting and fun.

Friday Night Lights (SKY Atlantic HD) – Currently on season three. Probably one of my favourite programmes of the last couple of years. Story focuses on a Texan high school football team called the Dillon Panthers. Core two characters are the team’s coach and his wife, who also happens to be the schools principal. Not actually a lot of football scenes in it but the ones they do have are usually fairly well done and not always as predictable as you may think. If you have never seen this you should watch it.

Not Hot

Blue Bloods (Sky Atlantic HD) – Struggled through the first couple of seasons of this New York based cop show. Centres around a family of policemen, ex-policemen and a lawyer. Feels like the Waltons meets Hill Street Blues. That said both of these aforementioned programmes were infinitely better than the resulting merger. Our household is currently a bit divided. I have given up completely on it whereas the good lady Doctor is willing to give it more time. For me it’s too heavy on paper thin plots, weak characters, religious overtones and it’s attempt to moralise leaves me cold. Some people probably love it and Tom Selleck does his best but I can’t help feeling if he wasn’t in it this show wouldn’t have got past the pilot.

Looking Forward To More of These

Breaking Bad (Season 5)
Mad Men (Season 6)
Dexter (Season 7)
True Blood (Season 6)
Boardwalk Empire (Season 4)

Last word for now. Anyone interested in reading reviews of the current crop of TV programmes, films and cinema releases could do worse than check out this site: