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Sunday Photo Fiction – Endings and Beginnings

122-09-september-20th-2015‘What is it tonight?’ asked Pete, my dorm mate.

‘Citizen Kane,’ I replied.

‘Not again!’

‘Come on, Pete, it’s only the third time this semester. Afterwards there’ll be a discussion on the film’s impact on 21st century cinema…and don’t forget the cheese dip, pizza and wine.’

‘Wow, hold me back, already. Come on, Joe, it’s Friday night and you want to sit in a dusty basement with a bunch of bores, watching a naff black and white movie?’

‘It’s a classic?’ I insisted.

‘Yeh, well go and enjoy your classic. If you need a drink afterwards you’ll find us at the Bier Keller over on Morrison.”  Pete buried his face into his pillow and returned to sleep.


Professor Muldoon loaded a reel onto the projector. Everybody else loitered by the free buffet – including her.

We were in the same Media Studies class, but had barely spoken. In our one, brief conversation she’d told me that Citizen Kane was her ‘absolute, absolute favourite‘. I hadn’t seen it, but of course agreed.

‘Places, everybody,’ said Professor Muldoon.

My breath shortened, and heart thumped as she smiled and took the empty seat next to mine.

The lights went out and the film began.


These words form my entry into this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction challenge.

Friday Fictioneers – Summer in the City

ff020915Loud, lively exchanges between open windows on opposite sides of the street. The alluring smell of Plazinsky’s Coney Dogs wafting up from the corner of Lafayette and 3rd. Kids on the sidewalk in just their underwear, innocently splashing in the puddles and spray of an open hydrant.  That was our summer.

These days the double-glazed windows remain shut tight: rumbling air con units keep their faceless occupants enclosed, cool and safe – the only sound now rising up from the baking August streets, the thumping bass of  passing car stereos.

It’s still the same neighbourhood, but it isn’t the old neighbourhood.


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge. 

Friday Fictioneers – Second Life

ff180315The smell of baking bread in the castle kitchens. The scalding heat of the fire. The dirty tears of  sweat trickling down the arms of the boy tending the flame. The shouts of the cook; the back of her calloused hand as she knocks  me to the floor once more. The cruel laughs of the other kitchen whelps.

Even now, sitting on this train I can still sense the imprint of her hand; remember the watching faces.

I know these are not dreams, not fantasies born of a tiredness with the modern age. These are recollections; these are memories.

I have been here before.

…have you?


These words form my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge

Sunday Photo Fiction – A Fisherman’s Life

82-10-october-19th-2014We’d watch from the top of Miller’s Rise as the village fleet headed for home. Through the choppy waves west of St Madigan’s Point they’d race the trailing gulls, and each other, back to the safe embrace of the harbour.

From each vessel colourful flags would flutter. On board tired, but happy, crews would share a joke and a song as their catch was iced and readied for market. Father won the race more days than not: the Mary Jane was the leader of the fleet – her engines would whine as my father and uncle steered her clear of the rest.

One day I hoped I’d be the one leading the fleet home.

These summers the harbour in Dunavan lies almost empty. Giggling children search for tiny harbour crabs as father takes the Mary Jane, and it’s crew of holiday fishermen, out beyond St Madigan’s Point. On their return, boisterous tales of ‘the ones that got away‘ echo long into the night within the warming snug of the Red Anchor.

From the top of Miller’s Rise today I watch with my own boy, as calm seas shimmer in the orange evening haze. The race for home nothing but a memory of childhood; a memory of a time lost for the fisherman and families of Dunavan.


These words form my entry into this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction challenge. 

The Elgin Marbles

fmth_safcI can hear you, “Oh no, he’s about to talk about sport”. Well, that’s just hard cheese. I am indeed going to talk about sport. Even worse for some I’m going to talk about football. Bit of background. For my sins I have followed the fortunes of Stirling Albion FC since early 1981. It all began one Saturday morning I was bored so I asked my mother if I could go and watch Stirling play. They were at home to somebody. They won by a long forgotten scoreline. I was hooked. Unfortunately that first game was the last time Stirling scored a goal that season. Bearing in mind this was January and the season doesn’t finish until May lets you know how long that was. Just to clarify. The week after I started supporting Stirling Albion they set off on an all time British record of not scoring for 14 games. However, as a 13 year old kid I wouldn’t have been any where else on a Saturday. Terrible football but great memories.

Oh yes, we also won a Scottish Cup game 20-0 once. I was there. 5-0 at half-time, 15 more in the second half. We lost in the next round. That’s football. To be more precise that’s Stirling Albion. Over the 32 years since that fateful afternoon in 1981 there have been highs and lows. More of the latter but there comes a point where it all merges into the same thing. You go and support your team. Some you win. Some you lose. Some you draw. You come home and repeat the following week. It’s just something you do because it’s in the blood. Well, these days the passion doesn’t run quite as strong as it once did. For the last 15 years I’ve run this. However, after the current season ends I will be stopping. Time for others to carry the torch. I want to do other things including writing on here. I want to see what else I can do other than write about football.

Well, that’s a bit of background. Quite a lot of background. Even those who like sport may have drifted off by now. As for those who don’t like sport then I think we probably parted the ways several sentences ago. I would like to introduce those still here to the point of this article. Namely that Stirling Albion won a game today. What made that so special was the fact that it was our first away win in our division all season. The season started in August. It’s now March. That’s a long time. The fall guys were Elgin City. Elgin have been in terrible form and some even expected us to win today. That creates it’s own pressure but it’s a pressure we dealt with successfully and headed on the long journey home with the win.

Enough for now. Didn’t mean to write this much but sometimes things just have to be said. I promise to those following my blog that I won’t talk about football or indeed sport too much. When I do I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible for those who wouldn’t think it could possibly be interesting. However, I reserve the right to wander from time to time and you’ll just need to trust and follow or wait till I get back. We don’t need to go everywhere together although you’re always welcome. Last word(s) for today. We won!