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Sunday Photo Fiction – Property Slump

128-11-november-1st-2015The advert in the classifieds sounded too good an opportunity to miss.

Dream Homes In The Sun For Under £100,000!

We’d only ever holidayed in Eastbourne or Cornwall, but the glossy brochure they sent said Florida truly was paradise on earth.

“Exclusive Lakeside location, all year sun, and the ocean just a 15 minute drive away.”

It would take all but a thousand pounds of our savings to make it happen. Within a matter of weeks construction was underway.

Like I said, we’d never been to Florida before – I certainly hadn’t heard of sinkholes. Seems that they’re holes which just swallow up houses built on cheap land. Houses bought by fools like me from conmen who prey on fools like us. We’d only been over once and everything seemed fine. Now our dream is surrounded by a ten foot high chain link fence and signs which scream “Keep Out”. We tried everything to get our money back.

Read the small print” the agent said.

I read it and my mind was made up. The last few hundred pounds of our savings would get me one final trip to Florida. I just needed to work out where to get a gun.


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Friday Fictioneers – Timeshare Tales

ff160915A narrow, rutted track wound its way through the sweltering forest. It seemed like hours since we’d left the main road. With daylight slowly fading, we finally arrived at our journey’s end.

Ahead a tall iron gate cried rusty tears. Grasses, weeds and moss ran wild. My stomach tightened: this wasn’t what I’d expected.

Beyond the gate two low buildings looked long since deserted, and even longer since loved. Clouds of mosquitoes buzzed around my head. A bright yellow snake hissed before slithering into the verdant undergrowth.

‘This doesn’t look like the pictures’ I said.

The salesman smiled. ‘We’ve come this far, Sir – at least have a look inside.’


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.