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Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Truth Vs Fiction


St. Kellan was hard to find on the map – the tiniest of dots hidden amongst the clay mines of Cornwall. It was a place missed by most tourists. Locals though knew where it was, and would come from miles around to buy their bread from the village. The Smitzelhoff Bakery was quite probably the one and only authentic German bakers in the county.

Owner, Karl, would always revel in being asked to tell the tale of how he ended up in St. Kellan. With a glint in his eye he’d say “My plane crashed over ze moors. Ze vunderful Lady Bowmere founds me, took me, fixes me better.”

The German accent had perhaps faded over the years, but he played it up just enough to be both noticeable and intriguing. He claimed the Lady then placed him in her gardening staff until hostilities ended. Nobody would ever dare ask questions of the Lady, even if she had still been alive.

Maybe it was true; maybe it wasn’t. Perhaps Karl was a frustrated chartered accountant who emigrated to England after the war. Perhaps he isn’t even German. Doesn’t really matter. All that does matter is his bread is unsurpassed, and his story makes people smile.  

These 200’ish words form my entry into this week’s Photo Fiction challenge on Alastair’s WordPress siteThe picture is copyright of http://kattermonran.com/.