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Jellybean Has Arrived on Xperia!

andjbBack on the 10th of February I blogged excitedly about the imminent arrival of the Jellybean version of the android operating system (4.1.2) on Xperia phones. For the next few weeks I pressed T-Mobile for some sort of timescale. Their response was unhelpful.

Not possible to give this information

Great! To be honest I almost began to give up on ever seeing my Xperia-T announcing a system upgrade. Low and behold late one night last week it arrived. As I was on holiday at the time with a creaky signal I debated momentarily whether I should wait until I got home. Of course I did no such thing and clicked to start the download.

Even with a relatively poor signal the 200mb+ download only took around five minutes. Once installed the first thing to look at was Google Now. This was unavailable on the previous Android release and to me seems the main new toy. Other than that things appear relatively similar but I’m sure there is a lot more to this upgrade than Google Now and some customisation of existing screens. However, that information is no doubt covered in great detail on the web so I won’t bore you with any more tech talk!

In short if you are using an Sony Xperia phone and haven’t been upgraded to Jellybean then complain and complain loud to your provider!!