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A Change of Image

blog_updateWhen I started this blog the idea was that it would be like most other blogs i.e. a bit of everything that was going on in my life. However, I have to confess the majority of content has become concentrated in one direction, creative fiction. That’s not to say I will not continue to post pieces on other areas of my existence. I will but creative fiction is now my hobby and WordPress is a good vehicle for it so that’s that. Apologies to anybody who has followed me and is getting bored of stories. Feel free to unfollow. I won’t be offended.

In keeping with the dominant theme of this blog my live-in photographic editor has come up with a stunning new header image. Both parts of the image are from our recent holiday in Cornwall and were actually taken in blue skies and sunshine. However, some nifty editing has given the banner a more moody, introspective look. Yes, that sounds pretentious but what the heck. In for a penny, in for a pound etc. Just to add that neither image was posed. They were just general shots of me on beaches and rocky outcrops. The genius is in the picture selection and the editing. For that I am indebted to my better half!

One other change to point out. The menu bar along the top now has five options. Home and About are self explanatory. An introduction to the other three:

Fantasy World – In here are all of my creative fiction pieces. Also anything generally writing related will be stored here.

Real World – This menu option is where all the non-creative fiction blog entries are held.

Best of Me – This is a page on which I will link to what I think are my best stories at any point in time. This will be a quick way for somebody to get an introduction to my writing.

If you’re staying I hope you continue to enjoy the content I provide. If you’re leaving then the time you’ve spent with me has been much appreciated!