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Friday Fictioneers – A Family Business

ff190815The mid-morning sun was hot and high, the mercury pushing 113 for the sixth day in eight. At the concession stand, Mrs Gunther carefully unpacked the last of her stock, most of which had seen better days. Poolside, Mr Gunther paused to wipe creamed cheese from his chin, and bagel crumbs from his crumpled “Desert Ocean Staff” t-shirt. In the cracked, dusty car park a lone silver coach disembarked its passengers. By the turnstiles, the two Gunther children prepared to welcome their guests. Within the warm, lifeless water, the star of the Gunther’s show circled his lonely world – the only world he’d likely ever know


These words form my entry into Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.
Unusual for me to do a single paragraph, but it felt like the right choice for this piece.