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Latest New on Sony Xperia Android Upgrade

andjbLast week I excitedly blogged that Sony Experia users could shortly expect an upgrade of their Android operating system. Wasn’t sure of the exact timetable but some further digging around the web this Sunday afternoon has uncovered the following:


I could add my own comments but the article from the horses mouth i.e. Sony tells you all you need to know.

Bottom line is you need to wait until your phone says the upgrade is available. I actually tried using the Sony PC Companion software to check for an update but it tells me my phone is already up to date. This implies to me that my mobile provider (T-Mobile) must need to make it available to their customers. At the moment they don’t appear to have done this.

I will keep reading the Sony blog over the next few weeks as well as trying to get more information from T-Mobile. When eventually the upgrade appears on my phone I’ll report back on life in Jelly Bean land. According to the blog post linked to above it sounds like a significant upgrade. Not sure if I can contain my excitement much longer !