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Does A Picture Really Tell A Thousand Words?

For anyone who has visited my blog before you will notice a change. Well you might if you were really paying close attention to the layout. For those who haven’t visited before it will all be new so there is no point it in stringing this out. Yes, I have an updated banner image. The previous effort was done by my own fair hand and I do not profess to be an expert in the black arts of photo editing. The new design was done by someone much more capable and the difference is clear to see. For those new to my blog you will of course see no difference but believe me there is one !

I write a blog and have written thousands and thousands of words over the years on a variety of web outlets. I like, indeed love the written word. It is a skill which we need to cherish and maintain. We need to resist the tide of god awful text speak from becoming an acceptable use of our various languages. The point I’m making is nothing will ever beat a well written article. However, what may help it become even better is an appropriate image. In some cases I’d even go as far as to say the image may save the day when the author wasn’t quite on their best form.

A little explanation behind by banner. I christened the site “FromHereToThere“. This could of course describe any number of journeys undertaken during the course of my life. That was the point I suppose. Make it applicable to several aspects of my days on our blue planet. Aspects which may well find parallels in the lives of those who take the time to read my words. Weight loss journeys, relationship journeys. Just the general journey through life.


Me and a camera. Both models out of date !

As it happens all of the pictures in the banner are relatively recent, as within the last 10 years kind of recent. Think there are two reason for this. Digital photography has made it so much easier to keep and use photos online. Secondly the person who took most of the pictures has only been part of my life for the last 10 years. On reflection perhaps my real journey didn’t start until that person entered my life. I had been going somewhere. Down dead ends mostly. Over recent times life has had a focus and more of a purpose. As such it seems like my journey through life has truly begun.

Enough of the prose. Time for a little bit of background on the banner. From left to right the pictures are:

  • Myself and my sister from the late 1980s. The cat and dog are the long departed pair of Sooty and Sweep.
  • Myself and my other half in 2002. The two dogs are another long departed pair, Phrederyk and his mother Vinya.
  • Phrederyk and myself on the west coast of Scotland in 2002
  • Me and the good Doctor from Easter 2009. On reflection the signs that a diet was needed were becoming clear.
  • Small picture of myself and our Golden Retriever Tobermory on the Isle of Skye.
  • The penultimate two images are during the last year of diet and exercise.
  • …and lastly there is me today. Well two weeks ago to be precise.

You don’t have to adorn your website with images. Perhaps a picture doesn’t really speak a thousand words. However, it provides an alternative source of information as well as catching the eye. For me a site without good use of images is quite simply missing an opportunity to cascade both their message and their philosophy. Take a picture today and start documenting your own journey.

ps. I do realise this article doesn’t actually have it’s own featured imaged. Bit of a faux pas considering what I’ve just written. However, in this instance please imagine the site banner to be the featured image. Which seems fair enough to me. Moving forward featured images will become the norm !